28th Feb, 2013

The quandary of regulation

There is no more divisive subject in the crowdfunding sector at the moment than regulation. On 26 February, rebuildingsociety.com talked and exhibited at the UK’s first crowdfunding conference, “Crowdfunding Deep Impact”, held at Hertfordshire University. Nick Moules outlines the basics of the argument for and against.

While everyone in attendance (including Vince Cable through a pre-recorded video) agreed that crowdfunding in its many guises is undoubtedly a positive movement for everyone – there were huge divides over whether regulation applied by the FCA would be appropriate for the market.

Part of the complication is down to the different types of crowdfunding available: (more…)

15th Feb, 2013

Long-term investments: What’s hot?

Lending to UK businesses gives people returns over the short to medium term with loans ranging from six months to five years, but what about people with longer to wait for investments to come to fruition? As ever, the technology sector seems to have the answers.

We’re in an age where technology is bounding along, with the latest remarkable invention occurring on a seemingly weekly basis.

The Genius of Invention interviewed James Dyson for the show broadcast on 14 February. He believes we’re at an incredibly exciting time where it is not just the inventions themselves that are ground-breaking, but also the materials that create the inventions.


08th Feb, 2013

Join us at Crowdfunding Deep Impact

rebuildingsociety.com will be speaking and exhibiting at the Crowdfunding Deep Impact Conference on 26 February, the UK’s first crowdfunding conference, at the University of Hertfordshire.

This conference should be of interest to anyone involved in the crowdfunding movement and associated industries (peer-to-peer and peer-to-business lending) and we’re delighted to be able to offer half-price tickets to rebuildingsociety.com members who want to attend.


06th Feb, 2013

Working Capital Needed for Central London Lawyers’ Growth Plans

Stanley Jermiah is Aequitas Law Ltd’s Director. In a quick chat with Nick Moules, he explained why the company is looking to raise funds through rebuildingsociety.com and why lenders should consider backing it.

NM: Can you tell our lenders why you’re looking for a loan?

SJ: We’re working hard to increase the number of cases we deal with and this can mean we need to pay referral fees. These need to be paid upfront, but our fees are only paid to us at the case’s conclusion, so we need finance to bridge the gap in between.

NM: Can you give me a brief history of the company and your involvement?