29th May, 2013

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You asked for it… So we did it… An update on the latest features on rebuildingsociety.com


28th May, 2013

Presenting People Money

There comes a time when any entrepreneur needs funding to start or grow a business. Start-ups often begin with friends and family finance, to create a prototype / concept which they can pitch to angel investors who may offer advice and support as well as cash.  Equity finance with advice and experience from past entrepreneurs is often called smart money.  Banks, VCs, AIM and OFEX offer varying forms of institutional finance. (more…)

26th May, 2013

Business loans

Business loans are available through peer-to-peer lenders like rebuildingsociety.com.

If your business is looking to secure a fast, affordable business loan, it should look at alternative sources, rather than just the bank.

Banks can take a long time to make a decision, and while they should be commended for their diligence (after all its where our current accounts and ISAs sit), the length and complexity of the process in order to satisfy internal processes just doesn’t benefit business owners. Priorities can change in a business and opportunities lost if the decision isn’t made quickly and funds made available.

For business loans of up to £250,000, SME owners should consider a much more effective route; peer to business lending, where individuals lend money to businesses, effectively in a syndicate, with repayments made on a monthly basis.

Rates are competitive and range from 8-20% depending on the calibre of the business, but the speed of the deal (no longer than a month) comfortably outweighs the opportunity cost of waiting six months for a fractionally improved rate.

Apply for a business loan with rebuildingsociety.com now

[accordion title=”Our borrowing criteria”]

  • Secured or unsecured loans available with fixed rates from 6.4% APR
  • Loan sizes £2,000-£250,000
  • Terms of 6-60 months
  • Limited companies, LLPs, PLCs, and social enterprises are acceptable
  • Businesses must have been trading for at least 2 years and have 2 sets of annual accounts filed (we require sight of financial accounts and management accounts covering the period ending no earlier than 60 days prior to the date of application submission)
  • Good credit history required (no CCJs over £250 outstanding)
  • The business must be profitable and VAT registered
  • Directors/Partners must be UK residents
  • Average quarterly turnover greater than £50k for the last 4 quarters


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17th May, 2013

Opportunity knocks for UK manufacturers

Nick Moules reports on an eye-opening seminar earlier this week that focused on how the growth of the Asian middle class can fuel a manufacturing revival in the UK.

Time was, several years ago where absolutely everything plastic seemed to have “Made in China” etched on to it.


15th May, 2013

Crowdfunding Podcast

People like to consume media in all sorts of ways, and an increasingly popular method is the podcast, because it’s available to people on the move.

That’s why we’re excited to sponsor crowdfundingpodcast.org, which hosts interviews with people in the crowdfunding market including debt, equity and reward crowdfunding.

This exciting new service will also include contributions from some of the borrowers, lenders and brokers of rebuildingsociety.com.

Listeners can subscribe via iTunes here

rebuildingsociety.com members who would like to share their experiences or views on the future direction of the industry is welcome to take part in a show. Please contact Kieron Greeff, the show’s producer. Details cna be found on their website: http://crowdfundingpodcast.org/

Subscribe today!

13th May, 2013

The Future of Accounting is up in the Cloud

At rebuildingsociety.com we find updated accounts to be the biggest cause of a delay between an application arriving in our inbox and becoming a listed lending opportunity on the Marketplace. Something that would save everyone a lot of time and inform decision making is cloud accounting – live accounting software available to all. It would enable lenders to make a decision to lend based on the must up-to-date accounts. We found this excellent blog on accountingweb.co.uk that explains the concept and advantages perfectly:

A leading US commentator on technology for accountancy practices recently commented that “if you choose not to embrace the cloud you are retiring in five years”. Scary stuff, which is not just the preserve of our transatlantic colleagues. In December, no lesser figure than Sage Group’s Chief Executive felt the need to comment at their 2012 results announcement; “I wish we had been there earlier in North America. We’re coming to the market for cloud-based solutions in time in Europe.”

So why is cloud accounting for small firms now garnering such bold predictions and senior focus?


09th May, 2013

rebuildingsociety.com Opens Up Borrowing Criteria

rebuildingsociety.com, the peer-to-business lending platform, has announced it is increasing the amount that can be borrowed through its platform to £250,000.


03rd May, 2013

rebuildingsociety.com makes TV debut

Today saw the BBC Look North cameras descend on rebuildingsociety.com towers for an interview with Dan about peer-to-business lending.

In conjunction with Exquisite Handmade Cakes Ltd, a borrower through the site, the story focuses on why Yorkshire businesses only have a 29 per cent approval rate with the banks in the region, versus an average of around 50 per cent of businesses throughout the rest of the UK.

Exquisite Handmade Cakes Ltd is the second Yorkshire business to have an application funded through rebuildingsociety.com, with Integral IT Ltd based in Ripon completing a £20,000 loan last week.

Of course, the beauty of an online business is that your customers can come from anywhere, they just need an internet connection, but it’s good to feel like you’re helping out your local community. We believe this is the next stage of peer-to-business lending, a localisation of borrowing and lending so people can see the physical results of their help in job creation, money being spent in local shops and local economies thriving.

It’s small at the moment, but the potential is huge.

See if any of our borrowers are local to you by visiting the Marketplace.

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