29th Jan, 2015

rebuildingsociety passes £5m of loans

During a busy start to the year, our total cash advanced passed the £5m milestone. This makes us the 6th largest peer-to-business lender in the UK, when excluding property development lending.

Look out for our upcoming infographic which details where the money has been lent and breaks down data about those lending the money.

We’re also approaching 100 completed loans, which will result in some press coverage. To everyone that has borrowed, lent, referred or just said nice things about us, thanks!

We’re working hard to bring more suitable loans to the Marketplace!

For all the latest lending statistics, visit our stats page


29th Jan, 2015


We’re back at the AltFi Europe Summit on the 23rd of February and if last year is anything to go by, the event will be bigger with more investors, journalists and commentators than before. We want to invite our investors to meet us in person and to get a flavour for the huge growth happening in this sector, so here is how AltFi is promoting their event:

Some of our contemporaries at AltFi Summit 2014

At AltFi.com we believe that 2015 will prove to be a crucial year for the alternative finance space – and the AltFi Europe Summit will explore in detail what change is needed and how the key platforms need to react in order to accelerate growth in the next 24 months.

The All Day event will be targeted at senior industry leaders, as well as investors looking to explore this new asset class. Amongst the topics under discussion, we’ll focus on how five key building blocks will be put in place which help to accelerate growth in 2015 and beyond: (more…)

28th Jan, 2015

Business Confidence at a Three-Year High – Now is the Time to Capitalise

As the first month of 2015 draws to a close, UK businesses are increasingly optimistic about the year ahead. A handful of surveys have pointed towards confidence in the British economy stemming from improving labour markets and falling inflation, indicative of a positive economic outlook. Here’s a summary of why business owners should look favourably on 2015 and gear up for growth.

Increasing sales and profits

A poll by accountancy group Grant Thornton revealed the UK was one of the most optimistic economies in the final quarter of 2014, with 68 percent of executives admitting confidence for the coming year. A survey of 1,500 businesses by Lloyds Banking Group reported that 43 percent of companies expect an increase in sales, orders and profits in the first half of 2015. Confidence has been reinforced by news that the UK’s economy grew by 2.6 percent in 2014, the fastest pace since 2007.  (more…)

27th Jan, 2015

Lenders Doing Clever Bids

This is a guest blog by Neil Faulkner, director of 4th Way, a comparison site focused on the p2p industry, on the lending patterns of rebuildingsociety lenders in recent auctions. It’s an impartial view of activity on the platform and Neil’s lending recommendations are his alone, not endorsed or recommended by rebuildingsociety.

Here at 4thWay.co.uk, the P2P lending comparison site run and governed by individual lenders like you, we collect and gawp at lending data rather like three-year-old’s hoarding little stones.

And so rebuildingsociety’s Nick Moules asked me to write about 4thWay’s research into recent lending patterns on rebuildingsociety.

The overall news is really good. It’s clear that the vast majority – about 85% to 90% – of successful bidders are within around half a percentage point of the average rate.

In addition, the average rate is typically very close to the top bid, being within approximately 0.5 or 0.75 percentage points.

Any higher bids are being outbid. In some less active P2P lending marketplaces, a large minority are getting much higher rates than average. But this isn’t happening here. This shows us three things about rebuildingsociety:


19th Jan, 2015

The North-South Divide has Become a Chasm. Can it be Fixed?

The north vs south debate runs and runs, but new research has indicated the economic distance between the two is widening. Should businesses in the north be doing more to create jobs or are conditions too challenging? Should it be down to the State to provide the catalyst for growth or can people help themselves by taking more risks, being more entrepreneurial and forcing change? Will the affordability of life in the north eventually win out when people choose where they want to live if house prices don’t fall soon? This piece was originally printed by London Loves Business, but we don’t think its too biased…

The economic gap between the north and south has “dramatically widened” over the past decade, according to think tank the Centre for Cities.

It warns of a “staggering scale of challenge” to fix our “two-tier economy of dynamism and decline”.

The think tank’s Cities Outlook report has found that, for every 12 jobs created in the South of England between 2004 and 2013, only one was created elsewhere in Great Britain.


19th Jan, 2015

New Additions to the rebuildingsociety Marketing Team

2015 is going to be a big year for peer-to-peer lending and rebuildingsociety, so we’re delighted to be expanding our marketing team.

Adam Knott and Laura Cundall join as Digital Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive respectively. Adam was previously an SEO Consultant at Web Translations, the Leeds-based translation services agency, while Laura is a recent Economics graduate from Newcastle University.

Nick Moules explained a bit about how they will help rebuildingsociety spread its message further, bringing in more loan applications and lenders to fill them:

“Digital marketing is a big part of what we do, so Adam’s help in understanding the science of search engine algorithms and crunching our data will help us refine our marketing activity to be more efficient and effective. Our online advertising activity has returned some great results already and he is also going to be pioneering our ‘Refer a friend’ scheme, which lenders will find out more about in due course.

“Laura will be helping us make more of our success stories, deepening our relationships with borrowers by telling their stories pre and post-auction and assisting in customer support enquiries. She will also play a big part in organising our events so we’re maintaining all-important offline contact with people too.

“The extra capacity should allow us to be more bullish with our marketing activity and set us up for a really exciting 2015.”

12th Jan, 2015

rebuildingsociety to Allow Personal Pension Investments

rebuildingsociety.com, the UK peer-to-business lending platform, has announced a new partnership with SIPPclub, which allows qualifying rebuildingsociety investors to invest through a specially-designed Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

All investments made through a SIPP are tax-free, regardless of the investor’s existing tax status.  As investors qualify for tax relief on SIPP contributions at their highest rate of Income Tax, they will be able to generate more interest by investing through a SIPP, compared with investing on rebuildingsociety.com with their cash.

The EvolutionSIPP, which is exclusively for SIPPclub members, has been approved for such investments on rebuildingsociety.com and the firm joins fellow peer-to-peer sites ThinCats, Assetz Capital, Capital Stackers and Proplend in the SIPPclub portfolio.


12th Jan, 2015

Expansion for Heat Treatments Firm

Sanj Randev is a busy man. During the course of our conversation, his phone rang several times “new business” he says when we get back to talking about Huyton Heat Treatments.

Inside the Huyton Heat Treatments factory in Merseyside

Established for a number of years, Huyton Heat Treatments is going strong, raising turnover to £691k for 2014, an increase of £113k on 2013’s figures and there’s much for Sanj to be optimistic about going into 2015.

With a widening of their customer base through sales calls and word of mouth recommendations, they anticipate sales figures will climb to 2012 levels in the coming year.

Having majorly expanded in the late 1980s, Huyton Heat Treatments developed specialised and trademarked heat treatment processes which were licensed for use as far afield as India and South Africa. At one time all British Rail technical drawings were only permitted to use one of Huytons’ specialised processes. The company continues to do work for British Rail to this day.


08th Jan, 2015

Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline

With the festive season behind us, many self-employed professionals will be turning their attention towards the looming deadline for self-assessment tax returns. This deadline, however, is also applicable to members of the rebuildingsociety.com who are earning money from their investments.

The deadline for online tax returns for the 2013-2014 financial year is midnight on 31 January 2015. An automatic penalty of £100 will be incurred for late returns (even if you have no tax to pay) and continuously delayed returns could see penalties increase to as much as £1,600.


07th Jan, 2015

New for 2015: Invest in rebuildingsociety through a SIPP

We’re delighted to announce that in partnership with SIPPclub, qualifying rebuildingsociety investors are now able to invest through a specially-designed SIPP.

The EvolutionSIPP, which is exclusively for SIPPclub members, has been approved for investments on rebuildingsociety.

All investments made through a SIPP are tax-free, regardless of your existing tax status.  As you qualify for tax relief on your SIPP contributions at your highest rate of Income Tax, you’ll be able to generate more net interest by investing through a SIPP, compared with investing on rebuildingsociety with your cash. However, SIPPs are quite exclusive products for wealthy individuals and SIPPclub can only proceed with those that meet the qualifying requirements.

To get the process started, please fill out the form on this page and SIPPclub will contact you to discuss your circumstances and requirements, helping you decide whether you should invest your pension money on rebuildingsociety.

If you’ve previously expressed an interest in investing through a SIPP, then we still have your details on file and SIPPclub will be in touch with you.

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