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Welcome, we created this loans Affiliate Program to reward you for spreading the word and playing
a vital role in the improving access to finances for UK business.

The programme is open to anybody and everybody, from individual lenders and borrowers to online
publishers as well as accountants and other business advisers.

Your commissions payments:

Affiliates may share
£25 with the new

A lender registers and verifies
their identity and
lends £1000 or more


A borrower registers and verifies
their identity

Of the loan's

A borrower submits
an application

Of the loan's

A borrower gets an
application approved and live

Of the loan's

A borrower
completes an application

Note: User registrations from affiliates are tracked, so applications made from future sessions are tracked against the referring affiliate.

Benefits include:

  • Top level affiliate = We do not use an intermediary network = Higher commissions
  • Weekly commissions payout - every Thursday
  • Your commissions are added to your ewallet every Thursday for immediate withdrawal or investment. No transaction fees.
  • Dedicated support desk affiliates@rebuildingsociety.com
  • Regular content created for re-syndication
  • Offers available to affiliate referred visitors
  • Banners and other resources ready to use
  • Branded url shortener http://reb.so
  • Unlimited referrals

Things you need to know:

We do business loans, not personal loans

We pay for referrals of investors as well as borrowers

Borrowers must have at least 2 years history

Loan amounts from £25K to £450K

Financial promotions to investors need our approval

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