We're A Fully-Authorised FCA Principal Firm

As a fully-authorised FCA Principal Firm, rebuildingsociety.com is offering Appointed Representative solutions to those businesses wanting to enter the peer-to-peer market.

We work with businesses who offer peer-to-peer lending opportunities, either with our own compliance consultants to offer an end-to-end solution, or with compliance experts chosen by the client.

It is now possible to set up and operate a regulated peer-to-peer lending platform at a fraction of the cost paid by the industry innovators, by licensing the existing technology and becoming a member of an FCA-authorised network.

If you have access to loan origination channels and the skills necessary to perform credit risk analysis, then you are ideally-positioned to launch and run a P2P lending platform of your own – and we would like to help you. In February 2017, rebuildingsociety.com was granted full FCA authorisation as a Network Principal, after operating on interim permission for 35 months. As a result, we are now onboarding Appointed Representatives (AR) throughout the United Kingdom.

If you are a compliance consultant already in discussions with a client who wants to become regulated or has been rejected by the FCA, please contact us for further information on our partnership solutions.

Whether you want to leverage an existing reputation with your existing brand or launch a newco, it’s never been easier to set up an online, regulated platform to connect the demand and supply of capital via an online marketplace.

The Principal rebuildingsociety.com is responsible for the regulated activities carried out by its Appointed Representatives, who may perform regulated activities such as taking investment from retail investors and managing client money, without direct authorisation from the FCA.

Becoming an Appointed Representative facilitates your P2P regulation and compliance requirements, thereby allowing you to attract both retail and institutional investors. You can also improve your speed to market because normally you must wait for full FCA authorisation before you begin to trade. Becoming an AR is a helpful interim step that allows you to undertake regulatory activities under the guidance of the Principal. In addition to sharing years of best-practice, it also helps to prepare your business operation. Should you subsequently wish to obtain full FCA permissions, you can make this decision from a more informed position.

Benefits of being an Appointed Representative:

Quicker route to market

Reduced cost of setup and regulation

Ongoing compliance support and advice from people in the industry

Access to proven systems and controls

Opportunity to implement best practice procedures

Mitigation of key risks of start-ups

Support structure

Streamlined operating model

Freedom from major worries like cybercrime

Why Choose rebuildingsociety.com?

We know the P2P lending industry intimately. We combine compliance and technology through cooperation with our sister company White Label Crowdfunding, which has launched 10 platforms around the globe, including five UK-regulated platforms.

Our Appointed Representative framework is comprehensive and complete. As Principal, we act as the interface and conduit for all areas of peer-to-peer regulation; either in a temporary capacity while you apply for your own full FCA regulation, or as a permanent solution to avoid the considerable upfront and ongoing costs associated with applying for and gaining your own regulated status.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge is something that we can share with you, and from which you can benefit. Through our two-year journey to achieving FCA-regulated status, we have come to understand every nuance of the core requirements of operating an FCA-compliant business, within which the fair treatment of customers is central to the company ethos.

Huddle authorised in just 8 weeks

Case Study

Huddle Capital

Huddle Capital is straightforward, peer-to-peer lending platform, matching investors with borrowers to support the growth of UK SMEs

  • Huddle authorised in just 8 weeks!
  • Onsite training
  • Ongoing support

Sourced Platform provides funding to franchisees

Case Study


Sourced needed a platform to provide bridging funding to its property development franchisees throughout the UK.

  • Sourced fully onboarded in 10 weeks
  • Faciliatated the migration from old tech
  • Supported the incubation and growth

Aafiyya Islamic Finance

Case Study


Tejara Capital asked us to form a JV partnership to launch the UK's first Shariah compliant peer to peer lending platform.

  • Aafiyya needed a partner to faciliate the operational processing of loan applications and asked to use our Leeds team
  • Adapted various processes and policy documents to be shariah compliant
  • Wholly outsourced subsidiary operation

You Save...

Time, Money and Headaches!

There are many hidden costs associated with compliance. Avoid these by choosing to become an appointed representative (AR), rather than pursuing direct authorisation, whilst trying to get your new venture off the ground.

Bringing your business up to speed with FCA regulations in the first instance, and then maintaining your firm's compliance, requires an exceptional amount of time. This time is spent on tedious tasks such as corresponding with the FCA, policy drafting and reviewing, maintenance, training and, last but by no means least, FCA reporting requirements.

Whilst these are very necessary tasks for a financial services firm, the time spent on these tasks is arguably time that could be better used focusing on growing your business. Compliance professionals can be more expensive than lawyers, but without them, your business has weak foundations. Cutting corners in compliance can lead to fines at a later date.

Let us manage all the tedious compliance tasks for you, so you can focus on what you're best at.

Compliance is complicated, painstaking and sometimes tedious job, requiring highly-skilled and knowledgeable individuals to navigate the complex regulatory framework. Compliance departments command significant resources. As the principal, we are able to perform the duties required, liaise with the FCA and prepare the reports at a fraction of the cost.

The FCA is placing ever more emphasis on the accountability of senior managers and directors of financial service firms. Senior managers and influencers face significant penalties if they are found to have fallen foul of regulations. The penalties can include significant financial fines on the individuals, sanctions and in the most severe cases, imprisonment.

Joining the rebuildingsociety.com AR network allows you to mitigate many risks and costs while quickly launching your regulated FinTech business.