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There are four options you have to secure your loan:

1. Personal Guarantees

You can split the liability of the total debt among the directors. Normally the amount of liability is relative to the shareholding. So equal shareholders would split the liability of a personal guarantee 50:50. PGs are normally secured against assets. Read more…

2. Debenture - security against assets

If your bank does not already have a debenture over your business, we can implement one that allows us to take control of assets including intellectual property in the event of a default. Read more…

3. Convertible Debt

This allows an unpaid debt to be converted to equity. It is required that we see all existing loan agreements and debenture documents.

4. Emotional Security

This scenario allows you to list on the platform with a private listing, visible only by invitation from a special link. The people who lend to you should be connected to you and the business in some way so that you are ’emotionally’ obliged to pay them back.

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