Our Success Fee

With a low cost base we pass our savings back onto you.

There are no application fees and no ongoing management fee. The only fee is a success completion fee for connecting you to your many lenders and automatically agreeing the terms between you and them.

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the total money successfully raised. The percentage fee varies with the loan term:

  • 0.1% per month
  • with a minimum of 2.9%
  • and a maximum of 5.9%
  • for large loans, the maximum is capped at £19,990, but third party fees may apply

For example:

  • A £25,000 loan over 12 months costs 2.9% (min percentage) = £725
  • A £50,000 loan over 36 months costs 3.6% = £1,800
  • A £1,000,000 loan over 60 months costs 5.9% (max percentage) = £19,990 (max fee applies)

These fees are indicative, actual fees are described in the loan agreement.

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