Careers is a peer-to-business lending platform based in Leeds, England. We are an innovative and dynamic company, providing finance to UK businesses through our network of individual lenders. It’s a relatively new sector, but growing quickly, so we have to grow to stay at the forefront of the market.

We are also a market-leading provider of hosted technology solutions to other platforms, using our proprietary software. For more information about our company, please click here.

The talent of the people we work with allows us to achieve this. We have a dedicated in-house team and a global network of freelance experts, whose expertise ranges from marketing to finance to development.

We look for individuals who are intelligent, hard working, adaptable, and who have an interest in new finance and technology. We take an entrepreneurial approach to business, so you need to be comfortable working in a fast-moving environment where thinking on your feet is a pre-requisite.

We do not work with recruitment agencies. Do not contact us with any offers of recruitment services.

Current Vacancies

Freelance Opportunities

We work with a global network of freelance experts. We are currently recruiting freelancers in the below roles. Please read the jon description and apply via oDesk.

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