Civic crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is exploding. Whether it’s peer-to-peer, peer-to-business, donation, equity investments or debt funding, there is no denying that the appetite for ‘People Finance’ is strong, and growing much more rapidly than traditional institutional finance.

One area of untapped potential is the impact that crowdfunding can have on local community ties through projects supported by local councils. Whether its money for a new sports hall for a local school, or roses for a park. People have an emotional commitment for seeing the development and improvements in their local community.

Ever wished your leisure centre was a little more local? Ever wished you could have tried ‘that sport’ at school?

Councils around the country have been squeezed with downwards pressure on budgets while being faced with increased costs. The consequence is that many existing and new projects desired by the public have been shelved.

Councils need entrepreneurial members of the public to help improve the communities in which they live. Community engagement and participation is a great way to encourage involvement and foster commitment.

We want to encourage councils to raise funds from their citizens for local projects and to allow citizens to request, propose and plan fundraising for civic projects.

Rewards may be offered to good lenders. (Stipulate amount and reward)
– For example: free admission to a leisure centre is an industry-leader in crowdfunding innovation  and technology and seeks civic entrepreneurs like you to help rebuild their societies.

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