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How it Works

Through our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), rebuildingsociety.com offers you the opportunity to lend to your own businesses, without paying personal taxes on returns made.

ISAs have constituted a trusted saving and investment method for several years. We are now giving you the opportunity to combine an ISA with peer-to-peer lending. This product creates a tax advantage and the business needs for the loan must be the primary consideration.

You can choose how much to lend, from £10 up to the legal annual limit; transfer to and from other ISAs as you wish; make your own decisions; and access your capital on the Secondary Marketplace. Simple and straightforward, the IFISA process requires the transferral of bank funds or ISA holdings, which can then be used as normal, through the rebuildingsociety.com marketplace.

It couldn’t be easier.

  • 1
    Open an account
    It’s a fast, simple online process
  • 2
    Add funds
    Simply complete a direct bank transfer to upload your funds
  • 3
    Track your activity
    Monitor all transactions on your dashboard