Institutional lenders

Peer to peer lending offers a new asset class, which helps to diversify investment funds under management. While it is not yet possible to buy a pool of loans packaged as securities, it is possible to buy parts of multiple loans through the secondary market.

Institutional lenders, such as loan associations, savings banks, life insurance companies, commercial banks, pension funds and even public sector organisations are welcome to use The online platform allows the structured presentation of financial data, making it easy to reach a lending decision.

Up to 50% of each loan may be funded by an institutional lender. This is because we believe that a community of invested lenders are likely to support the business, with promotion, patronage and participation. This is not expected from institutions who are encouraged to lend at competitive interest rates.

As with individuals, all lenders are responsible for undertaking their due-diligence from the information provided. Please read our terms and conditions for full details.

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