Affiliate Programme

Benefits of being a part of the Rebuilding Society Affiliate Programme

You can earn unlimited commissions for every lender and borrower who signs up with us through you, starting at £20 per new lender and 0.25% of a fully funded loan on our platform. The Affiliate Programme is open to anybody and everybody, from individual lenders and borrowers to online publishers.

The programme is administrated by rebuildingsociety’s own bespoke system, specifically designed to reward referrals on peer-to-peer sites.


How does it work?

As an Affiliate to you can earn a commission when a visitor from your site registers with us and makes their first deposit or if you refer us a borrower who goes on to submit an application that gets approved.

All you need to do is Sign Up with us either as a lender or an Introducer. (Don’t worry if you are signed up as a borrower you too can take part in our Affiliate Programme) Once you are signed up you will need to Register as an affiliate. Please take a minute to read our Affiliate Agreement before signing up.

Once you are registered your application will be sent through to our Affiliate manager to be confirmed. once confirmed you will be sent a welcome email with your unique affiliate ID and a link to download banners with your ID already embedded into them.

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Register as an Affiliate

All Commissions are paid into your account from there you can choose to either withdraw it or invest it in the businesses on our platform and grow your capital. Please familiarise yourself with the Risks of peer-to-business Lending.

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New to Affiliate Programmes?

Why not have a read through our tips on getting started in Affiliate Marketing.

Share The Commission

We have made it possible for you to split the commission with a friend or with the person you are referring. To do this all you have to do is once you have received your affiliate ID is to add an “F” to your unique ID in your Affiliate URL.

So for example, if your ID is 1234, your Refer A Friend URL would be

Your referral will receive their payment within 3-5 working days of them confirming their ID and have making their first deposit.

Understanding financial promotions is regulated by the FCA (under Interim Permission) and as such we comply with their Financial promotions regulations. These regulations extend to your messages and as such Your message must be clear, fair and not misleading. Please do not promote any single business or encourage specific investments or quote interest rates. Please read the guidelines provided by the FCA regarding Social Media. You may also read more about financial promotions in the FCA Handbook

Any content that you believe might be in contravention of Financial Promotion Rules, should be reviewed by prior to publication. If you are unsure about any of the above please contact our Affiliate Manager with your proposed content and we shall review and amend it if needed.

We track back-links into and may ask you to edit or remove anything considered to be non-compliant.

Need further information?

 Feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager