Lender Incentives

Get cashback when you bid on live loans! Each incentive has a symbol that appears next to your bids on your dashboard, so you know whether you’re eligible for an incentive payment.

lender incentives

At rebuildingsociety.com, we want to encourage lenders to support small businesses, and we thought that free money was a good way to do that! We’ve also made it really straightforward – your user dashboard will display one of the incentive icons next to any of your bids which qualify. You don’t need to do anything except wait for the cashback to be credited to your balance after successful completion of the loan.

Please ensure that you understand the risks of lending to businesses; please see our Risk page for more information.

The Lender Incentives we offer are:

New Lender

Your bid is made within seven days of registering as a platform user, and is within your first £10k loaned via the platform

Largest Lender

The highest individual contribution on any one loan application

Growing Lender

Double your average bid across previous loans (for example, if your average bid size is £20 and you make a single bid of £40, you get cashback on the £40 bid)

Local Lender

If you’re a postcode match to the borrower (first two characters, regardless of whether these are letters or numbers. For example, LS or S1)


● Credit through incentives will be added to qualifying user balances after a successful loan completion

● Incentives are mutually exclusive. The maximum incentive is 0.5%

● Transfer Bids do not qualify for lender incentives. However, if you bid in addition to your Transfer Bids, these bids will go towards any lender incentive you may be eligible for

● rebuildingsociety.com reserves the right to amend or withdraw these inducements at any time

● Additional terms apply; please see section 21 in our Terms & Conditions

Understand the Risks:

When lending, your capital is at risk | P2P investments are not covered by the FSCS | Returns may vary | Tax treatment may vary | Find out more about the risks of P2P lending