Lender Incentives for Live Auctions

Nick Moules
3rd January 2014

We have created a series of incentives for lenders on our live auctions, which are applied after a successful auction.

Each incentive is exclusive of others, so you can only qualify for 0.5% on any one loan.

  • New lender – Your bids are in the first £10k of your bids across the site
  • Largest lender – The highest individual contribution on any one application
  • Quick lender – Within the first 10 accepted bids on one application (doesn’t apply to BidPal)
  • Growing lender – Double your average bids on previous loans (if your average bid size is £20 and you make a single bid of £40, you get cashback on the £40 bid)
  • Local lender – If you’re a postcode match with the borrower (first two characters)

Each incentive has a symbol that appears next to your bids, so you know whether you’re eligible for an incentive payment.

A tip:

  • If you’re a quick lender, try to lend at a rate you think will be accepted at the end of the auction, because if you’re outbid you’ll lose the incentive!

Credit through incentives will be added to qualifying users balances. rebuildingsociety.com reserves the right to amend or withdraw these promotions at any time.

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