Secondary Marketplace

Lenders can trade Microloans on the Secondary Market. Sellers may recover the outstanding capital, from buyers who pay for the right to receive the future interest payments on pre-agreed microloans.

Demand for microloans varies from loan to loan, so there is no guarantee that you can fully divest on the secondary market. However, sellers may influence demand by charging a premium or discount on the capital outstanding by up to +5% or –5%; this is reflected on your dashboard as a ‘Microloan gain/loss’. On the loan profiles, in the Microloans tab, you can see a ‘Buyer Rate’, which indicates the approximate annual rate of return after the premium/discount is applied. Some borrowers may redeem their loan early by repaying all the capital outstanding plus one month of interest, in this event any future interest payments are foregone, so the loss incurred from paying a premium may not always be recovered by future interest payments.

You may sort each column by clicking the column title and use the Filter to narrow down the list of Microloans for sale. When you purchase multiple microloans, any rounding of non-displayed decimals may result in paying slightly more, or less than the sum of the visible amounts.

Business name
Business Type
Companies I lend to

Risk Categories
  • A+ Very low risk
  • A low risk
  • B below average risk
  • C average risk
Loan Risk
The risk category assigned to this loan when it was originally put on the live auction.
Highest Rate
Highest Rate
The annual return offered by the best-priced micro loan.
Available Capital
Available Capital
The total value of all micro loans listed for sale in each business.
Repayment Form
Repayment Form
Information on whether the business has made repayments on time or late.
Next Repayment Due:
Next Repayment Due
Date difference between current date and date of next repayment.
Average premium / discount
Average premium/discount
The higher the average premium, the higher the demand for the loan (the loan is hot). The average is calculated from the top 100 microloans in order of Buyer Rate. A negative average suggests that the majority of people are keen to divest from this loan (the loan is cold).
Impact Assist Ltd
RiskBRate5.00%Capital£14Repayment54 of 54 made (53 timely, 1 late)
(6 remaining)
6 days4.24%
Mcardle Marketing Limited
RiskBRate5.00%Capital£47Repayment53 of 53 made (50 timely, 3 late)
(7 remaining)
28 days4.22%
Huyton Heat Treatments(2010) Ltd
RiskBRate10.89%Capital£877Repayment46 of 46 made (44 timely, 2 late)
(14 remaining)
2 days4.77%
The Retreat (leek) Limited
RiskCRate5.01%Capital£437Repayment46 of 46 made (46 timely)
(14 remaining)
29 days4.06%
Tamar Adventures Limited
RiskCRate7.93%Capital£6Repayment45 of 45 made (45 timely)
(15 remaining)
5 days4%
Scoop Retail Technologies Limited
RiskBRate12.40%Capital£2,851Repayment42 of 44 made (32 timely, 10 late)
(18 remaining)
23 days4.49%
Anzoff Limited
RiskCRate7.88%Capital£102Repayment44 of 44 made (44 timely)
(16 remaining)
22 days5%
Insul-eight (contracts) Limited
General Construction
RiskBRate7.88%Capital£91Repayment44 of 44 made (44 timely)
(16 remaining)
30 days5%
Able Contractors Ltd
RiskCRate12.20%Capital£671Repayment43 of 43 made (41 timely, 2 late)
(17 remaining)
7 days4.81%
Plumbserve Ltd
Building Services
RiskCRate15.98%Capital£1,757Repayment36 of 41 made (23 timely, 13 late)
(24 remaining)
Ram Climate Limited
Business Services
RiskBRate11.50%Capital£1,530Repayment39 of 39 made (37 timely, 2 late)
(21 remaining)
21 days4.8%
Synapse Information Limited
Business Services
RiskARate7.48%Capital£17Repayment39 of 39 made (39 timely)
(21 remaining)
25 days5%
Senate Training Ltd
Business Services
RiskCRate17.51%Capital£12,732Repayment38 of 38 made (27 timely, 11 late)
(22 remaining)
Yewshore Ltd
RiskCRate7.96%Capital£254Repayment37 of 37 made (37 timely)
(11 remaining)
2 days5%
Scotnorone Limited (fsteer Limited)
RiskCRate14.04%Capital£724Repayment34 of 34 made (22 timely, 12 late)
(26 remaining)
1 days4.55%
Concept Automotive Limited
RiskCRate8.86%Capital£61Repayment33 of 33 made (33 timely)
(15 remaining)
30 days5%
Invasion Corp Ltd
RiskBRate5.00%Capital£30Repayment30 of 30 made (30 timely)
(6 remaining)
13 days4.21%
New Media Information Technologies Limited
RiskCRate14.89%Capital£62Repayment30 of 30 made (26 timely, 4 late)
(30 remaining)
21 days5%
Clement Pierce Ltd
RiskCRate5.45%Capital£62Repayment30 of 30 made (25 timely, 5 late)
(6 remaining)
19 days4.21%
Ltt Sme Ltd
RiskCRate13.68%Capital£3,536Repayment31 of 31 made (30 timely, 1 late)
(15 remaining)
15 days4.73%
Mark Clifford Pt Limited
8514 Other human health activities
RiskBRate12.28%Capital£121Repayment27 of 27 made (27 timely)
(33 remaining)
16 days5%
Obvious Print Solutions Limited
RiskCRate15.22%Capital£1,406Repayment27 of 27 made (26 timely, 1 late)
(33 remaining)
7 days5%
Candy Hero Ltd
RiskCRate15.58%Capital£217Repayment23 of 23 made (23 timely)
(37 remaining)
15 days5%
Taylor Made Property Management Limited
7031 Real estate agencies
RiskCRate15.33%Capital£490Repayment22 of 22 made (22 timely)
(38 remaining)
Anvil House Limited
5248 Other retail specialised stores
RiskCRate14.90%Capital£4,170Repayment19 of 19 made (19 timely)
(41 remaining)
23 days4.91%
Ravi Convenience Store Limited
5211 Retail in non-specialised stores holding an alcohol licence, with food, beverages or tobacco predominating, not elsewhere classified
RiskBRate9.01%Capital£75Repayment19 of 19 made (19 timely)
(41 remaining)
2 days5%
Dreambox Limited
7414 Business & management consultancy
RiskBRate12.02%Capital£155Repayment18 of 18 made (18 timely)
(42 remaining)
24 days5%
Promoting Independence Ltd
RiskCRate9.44%Capital£51Repayment15 of 15 made (15 timely)
(21 remaining)
17 days5%
P L K Building Services Limited
RiskCRate15.49%Capital£897Repayment14 of 14 made (14 timely)
(46 remaining)
22 days4.89%
J C Pomfret Construction Limited
RiskCRate15.99%Capital£1,050Repayment14 of 14 made (10 timely, 4 late)
(22 remaining)
23 days4.49%
Henry's Garden Ltd
Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
RiskCRate13.33%Capital£17Repayment12 of 12 made (12 timely)
(48 remaining)
19 days5%
Ejp Beauty Limited
RiskCRate14.92%Capital£917Repayment11 of 11 made (11 timely)
(49 remaining)
22 days4.64%
Prima Cleaners Limited
RiskCRate17.85%Capital£1,527Repayment10 of 10 made (9 timely, 1 late)
(50 remaining)
12 days4.86%
Adept Concepts Uk Ltd
RiskBRate15.99%Capital£5,964Repayment7 of 7 made (7 timely)
(53 remaining)
6 days4.87%
B Smart Properties Ltd
RiskBRate12.30%Capital£3,091Repayment7 of 7 made (6 timely, 1 late)
(53 remaining)
14 days0.13%
Specialist Insurance Agency (holdings) Limited
RiskCRate14.77%Capital£2,302Repayment6 of 6 made (6 timely)
(54 remaining)
22 days4.52%
Vicarage Ventures Ltd
Business Services
RiskBRate12.96%Capital£1,053Repayment8 of 8 made (7 timely, 1 late)
(26 remaining)
27 days3.58%
Wisteria Care Limited
RiskCRate12.64%Capital£754Repayment5 of 5 made (5 timely)
(55 remaining)
2 days5%
L.s Delta Ltd
Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
RiskCRate18.26%Capital£8,798Repayment4 of 5 made (3 timely, 1 late)
(56 remaining)
Riad Importers Limited
Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
RiskCRate17.57%Capital£1,823Repayment4 of 4 made (4 timely)
(56 remaining)
22 days4.98%
Hull Boxes & Packaging Limited
Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
RiskBRate13.66%Capital£76Repayment4 of 4 made (4 timely)
(56 remaining)
19 days5%
Fist Bump For Science Limited
RiskCRate17.09%Capital£5,544Repayment3 of 3 made (3 timely)
(57 remaining)
28 days4.97%
Olympus Eyewear Europe Ltd
Agents specialized in the sale of other particular products
RiskBRate11.33%Capital£702Repayment2 of 2 made (2 timely)
(58 remaining)
22 days3.77%
Bah Financiere Management Limited
RiskCRate14.62%Capital£1,359Repayment2 of 2 made (2 timely)
(22 remaining)
25 days4.99%
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