Our Values

rebuildingsociety.com is an attitude – one that embraces collaboration between people, active communities, and fairness in finance.

Since we completed our first loan in January 2013, we’ve helped bring some of the country’s best businesses together with real human investors – creating a kind of business finance that is balanced, personal and innovative.

Rather than relying on the institutions that caused the global financial crisis to fund our nation’s commercial growth, people and businesses alike are beginning to adopt a new mentality. It’s a more direct type of transaction, that cuts out the middle men and adds value – not just financially – on both sides.

Communities working together for prosperity

At the core of our ideology is disintermediation – connecting businesses directly with the people they serve.

All around the UK, we’ve seen this new sort of financial relationship capture the imagination and

Lenders know that their money is going to companies they’ve researched and considered. They also have a vested interest in the success of the business, as a result of their investment.

Borrowers develop a rapport with potential new customers, and can invite existing customers to invest in their expansion – strengthening the link between them and their clientele.

Making finance accessible to all

Peer-to-business lending has led the way in opening up financial opportunities to businesses and lenders alike.

With new technologies to connect investors and borrowers, crowdfunding platforms have enabled widespread access to both receive finance and begin your own investment portfolio.

On rebuildingsociety.com, investors can bid to invest from as little as £10 – meaning anybody in the UK can begin to lend, as long as they pass our ID verification checks.

It’s all part of the digital revolution that has transformed access to hundreds of markets. Spotify and iTunes changed music; eBay and Amazon changed retail; now, rebuildingsociety and other crowdfunding platforms are changing finance.

Supporting businesses that make a difference

Whether they be care homes or sweet shops, rebuildingsociety.com’s lenders have invested in countless businesses that have a positive impact on their customers and their regions.

It’s the nature of crowdfunding; while a bank’s decision of whether to offer finance might rest solely upon the financials, our lenders engage with the business owners and get to know the human side of the company too.

Invest in UK businesses

  • Earn an average gross yield of 8.4%*
  • Support small businesses
  • Earn a passive income
  • Secure loans over £50k
  • We collect & recover
  • Unrepaid capital is at risk of arrears & default
  • Cashback incentives
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Need a business loan?

  • Lower cost business loans from real people
  • Quick and easy business funding
  • Apply within 15 mins
  • Borrow £25k to £300k
  • Get funds in 2-3 weeks
  • 6 – 60 month terms
  • Quick decisions
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