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31st Jul, 2018

Transparency Matters

Peer-to business lending started out with the ambition to be better than the banks, by being more open and transparent, more ethical, more dynamic and better for businesses and lenders alike. Since the early days of the industry, we’ve seen platforms come and go and there have been many changes to the way in which platforms operate.

Many platforms started off as marketplace lenders, arguably the most transparent of the P2P models, but over time many platforms have changed their models, today few platforms still offer real marketplace lending, and even fewer offer the level of transparency on which the industry built its foundations.


18th Mar, 2016

Creative Building Maintenance is Growing — and They Need Your Help!

In more than two decades working in the office fit-out industry, Antony Neilson noticed a trend: clients would have to work with numerous contractors to get their entire office designed, outfitted and ready to go.

So in 2013 he created Creative Construction Group to be a one stop shop for businesses seeking new or renovated office space. Creative does everything from design the space, find the chairs and install the electricity. Today, listed as Creative Building Maintenance, the company seeks a loan of £70,000 in order to improve their cashflow, refinance existing debt, and invest in marketing.

A One-Stop Shop

Neilson strives to make it easy for companies to get their entire project off the ground with one contract.

“For 25 years, I’ve worked for the office fit-out type companies and building companies, and I put that all under one roof. That enables us to build a building, fit it out, and give the keys back to the client at the end. The majority of our trades are in house staff as opposed to sub-contractors. We do it all.”

This means more efficient schedules, better prices and happier, less-stressed clients.

The company aims to grow further and take on more facilities management work, which would mean consistent cashflow from longterm contracts. That’s one reason Creative needs a more robust marketing strategy so they can attract clients to this new aspect of the business.

A Solid Business Base

Creative is offering a personal guarantee with personal guarantee insurance as well as an all assets debenture to secure this loan. And, Neilson says he hopes the company’s strong financial prospects will help lenders feel safe in pursuing the opportunity.

“We’re looking to report our best year yet at the end of July from an accounts point of view. We have a good, solid business base. Along side that, I have the personal expertise of 25 years. I’ve personally said I would guarantee the loan as well. I’m willing to put my neck on the line to get to where I need to get to.”

And they’re headed, in part, to increased turnover that will strengthen the business overall. Neilson has a strategy to £1.8 million this year, £5 million by 2018, and £12 million by 2020.

Learn more about this loan opportunity on the application and discussion.

10th Mar, 2016

Your Loan Updates Are Now More Streamlined and Accessible

You asked, and we listened. We’ve rolled out new features that make it easy for you to get updates about loans you’re active on via your dashboard and throughout the site.

This is part of a broader strategy to improve the updates and communications our lenders receive about loans pre-completion, post-completion, and on the unfortunate occasion that they fall into arrears. This new feature will improve access to updates on loans you have bid on as well as completion and repayment information.

Information about the status of loans you’ve participated in is now available right on your user dashboard through the Loan Updates Tab, making it easy to see when there’s new activity on a loan that you should know about – including info on how we’re recovering any late payments:

You can also see these Updates on individual loan profiles under a separate Loan Updates tab – making it easier for you to distinguish between in-depth discussions and vital information pertaining to a loan’s progress:

We’re delighted to bring these improvements to your lender experience, and – as always – if you have any feedback, please email

02nd Mar, 2016

Learning Spaces Brings Innovation Back to Classrooms

The consultants at Learning Spaces provide innovative education design solutions to private and state schools in the UK focusing particularly on IT learning centres and libraries to help advance literacy and educational achievement. Director of Design Services Sam Stevens is enthusiastic about exciting opportunities in marrying of education and design, and with the help of rebuildingsociety he hopes to bring that vision to more schools in 2016.

A moment of inspiration

Stevens has always been passionate about art and design, but after university he went into tech sales. When he was installing a new suite of PCs in a school’s drab classroom space, he was struck by an idea. He offered to design and commission desks and other design elements that would enhance the educational effectiveness of the space. A passion for education design was born, and after trying some ideas for another firm, he started his own project.

“We strive really to bring the very best out of teaching and learning across the UK. There are certain aspects of teaching that are failing because kids are bored. We bring ‘the wow factor’ to the projects we do.”

Whether it’s installing new desks and chairs or designing an entire wing of a school, Learning Spaces does it all. They do workshops with kids, teachers and administrators to generate ideas for the spaces they create.

“But we always include some wild and wonderful things the schools hadn’t considered themselves.”

Financing growth

With a successful application for £50,000 from the rebuildingsociety community, Learning Spaces will pursue a few different goals, including refinancing existing debt, attending a trade show that consistently brings in new clients, and purchase much needed equipment. A broker at Fasttrack Finance brought Learning Spaces to rebuildingsociety, and it is Stevens’s first experience with peer-to-peer lending.

Stevens hopes to inspire confidence in potential rebuildingsociety lenders when they learn about the longterm success of his business and his ongoing strategy for growth.

Learning Spaces “has a solid business model with a Public client base which ensures no issues with bad debts. The company will generate in excess of £550,000 in revenue with £100,000 in net profit in the forthcoming year alone and is therefore a safe and secure business.”

Learn more about this business in its application and discussion board.

26th Feb, 2016

Concept Automotive is in the Fast Lane to Growth

Popular automotive leasing company Concept has come to to pursue its next round of growth and improvements.

Paul Bulloch launched this venture 12 years ago because he was ready to step out on his own after many years as a businessman. As his business continues to grow, he proves the automotive industry is in his blood.

18th Dec, 2015

Celebrate Christmas with rebuildingsociety

Make your season merry and bright with the rebuildingsociety community. Our partner businesses offer a wonderful range of goods and services, so you can share something special with everyone on your list and throw the perfect holiday gathering. This is the second of two posts highlighting some of the great gift and entertainment options our partners provide. Read the first one here.

Cornertrack (Burning Night Group)

Whether you’re looking for a break from the rush of Christmas preparations or need the perfect spot for your New Year’s Eve night out, be sure to check out Burning Night Group’s selection of bars around England. With locations in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester and bars featuring various ambiances, they have something for everyone.

Visit Burning Night Group’s website for more information on locations and events. Cornertrack completed a loan with rebuildingsociety in 2014.

Mr. Whitehead’s Cider Company

To please the apple lover in your life with a perfect gift or dinner treat, look no further than Mr. Whitehead’s Cider.

This Hempshire-based company, which completed a loan application with rebuildingsociety in 2014, is dedicated to making the highest quality ciders, juices and vinegars with a wide variety of apples. Their products are sure to light up any festive gathering or night out — You can find Mr. Whitehead’s in many bars and restaurants as well.

Portobello Art and CanvasRus

Wow your loved one with a customized canvas print or photo. CanvasRus is the retail counterpart of Portobello Art, which completed a loan with rebuildingsociety this year.

Until Friday, you can purchase three canvas prints for the price of two.

Anchors Away Play Centre

If you need to relax after a long day of shopping while your little one burns off some energy, check out Anchors Away in Manchester. This soft play center completed a loan with rebuilding society this summer.

With reasonable prices and a revamped cafe menu, a couple hours at Anchors Away will be just the ticket for a nice break from the holiday stress.

Electric Star Pubs

Make the most of London’s nightlife at Electric Star pubs. With four locations and a top notch menu, these establishments have all the right touches for a holiday gathering with friends, a New Year’s party or a drink in between shopping.

Each of the four pubs has its own personality, and they’re better than ever since completing a loan with rebuildingsociety in 2014.

Get more holiday gift ideas from rebuildingsociety here.

03rd Dec, 2015

rebuildingsociety Speaks On P2P At Construction Conference

In November, rebuildingsociety was invited to speak on the subject of Alternative Finance at the National Federation of Builders’ (NFB) Principal Contractors Group Annual Conference in London.

This was an event attended by senior figures from the property and construction industry, hosted by well known journalist Cathy Newman, the Channel 4 news presenter. Speakers included the NFB’s Chief Executive Richard Beresford and Lord Kerslake, the former head of the Civil Service.

Speakers noted two key problems in the UK building sector:

  • A shortfall in housebuilding (the UK needs to build 200-250k+ houses every year, but in 2014 only 155k were built, and since 1988 there has only been one year in which over 200k were built
  • A shortage of skills in the industry to help address the need to build more houses

Industry leaders agreed there is a requirement for the construction industry to bring together the various parties included (developers, builder, local authorities, finance providers). The role of finance, and in particular alternative finance, was identified as a key factor in the future prosperity of the sector.

Julian Wells, marketing director at rebuildingsociety, presented at the event and took part in a panel debate with senior representatives from Funding Circle and LendInvest. During this session the increasing influence of alternative finance was highlighted by some of the statistics around the exponential growth of the industry.

Julian told delegates that in 2013, commentators had predicted that by 2016 the sector could reach £1 billion of lending. Today there has already been in excess of £5 billion lent, with market leader Zopa advancing more than £1 billion on its own. Within the next 10 years alternative finance has been forecast to account for 20-30% of consumer lending, and over 40% of commercial lending.

The audience highlighted the positive impact of FCA regulation as well as the recent endorsements the sector has received from the government. City Minister Harriet Baldwin called it a “brilliantly innovative new form of finance – which we want to see continue to grow and evolve.”

rebuildingsociety has lent to a number of property and construction related businesses including GRA Project Management, Willowtree Properties, DDL Civils, MCC Building Services, Insul-Eight, Able Contractors, CJ Homes, Millbak, EW Becker, and Plumbserve.

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