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Earn Trust Points

Earning points is fun and rewarding. Below are some tips to help you earn points and improve your ranking. Earning Trust Points may mean that other users will prefer to interact with you.

One-off things to do:

Pro-active point earning tips

  • 2 Points: Mention on twitter @rebuildings or #rebuildings
  • 10 Points/day: Login to your account to check on recent activity
  • 100 Points: Distribute a press release with a link to or mention of
  • 1000 Points: Make an early repayment to lenders
  • 50 Points: Receive a positive testimonial
  • 10 Points: Give us a good testimonial

Ongoing things that earn you points

  • 1 Point: Comment in a forum or group discussion
  • 5 points: Have your comment rated as helpful
  • 10 Points: Write a testimonial about an entrepreneur
  • 20 Points: Write a Blog Post
  • 100 Points: Enable BidPal
  • 1000 Points: Loan Acceptance – Points to be proportionally divided between lenders according to the loaned amount proportional to the total loan requirement. Eg.  a loan bid of £2000 on a £100,000 loan earns 20 points
  • 200 Points: Buy a loan part

Try not to lose points!

  • -1000 Points : Make a late payment on a loan
  • -50 Points: Receive a complaint
  • -20 Points: Leave your account inactive for a month
  • -100 Points: Disable Autopledge
  • -200 Points: Sell a loan part

Important note to entrepreneurs: investors will take into account your Trust Points when making decisions to lend. Trust Points work like a handicap that ultimately influence the rate at which investors are willing to lend to you. The higher your number of Trust Points, the less of a risk you represent.  Please be aware that as well as losing points for making late repayments, this may also affect your credit rating. Conversely, a loan that is cleared without late repayments earns you points, which is seen as favourable to lenders, therefore reducing the interest rate at which they are prepared to lend to you.