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Trust Point FAQs

What are Trust Points? has set up a unique reward scheme referred to as the Trust, or simply as Trust Points. The trust point scheme has been set up in the spirit of a community willing to help each other make their money work for them.

At least every six months, we will allocate 20% of the profits earned on the platform to the Trust. The fund is then shared with active users on a points basis. Points will be earned when users do good things. Conversely, points will deducted from users for bad behaviour.

Trust Points essentially rank users according to the way in which they use and interact with the platform. Trust Points are not an indication or declaration by us on how well we believe you can trust individual users.

Why do I need Trust Points?

The more you engage with the platform and other users, the more points you will earn on By having more points to your name, other users will be able to see that you are a committed and active member of When it comes to choosing who to invest in, users may choose to use Trust Points as a criterion for selection.

How do I earn more Trust Points?

There are many ways you can earn points on . Some points are earned by simply logging into your account or referring a friend to use For more information on how you can earn points have a look at our Trust Point Legend.

Why has my Trust Point balance decreased?

There are many more ways to earn points than there are to lose points. However, if you have lost a few points, this may be for minor things, such as account inactivity for a month or,  if as an investor, you sell a loan part.

However, you may have also lost points for more serious reasons, such as making a late repayment. For more information on how points may be deducted see our Trust Point Legend.