Net Returns

The histogram above shows a comparative analysis of Net Returns across all active lenders. It is intended to assist lenders to understand the distribution variance, so lenders may interpret their performance, relative the achievements of others.

Of 1493 lenders who have participated on a loan, 181 (12.1%) have a net return less than 0% pa, i.e. they have taken a loss, whereas 1312 (87.9%) have a net return of 0% pa or above. Of the 1312 positive lenders, 996 (66.7%) have received 5%* or above, and 552 (37%) have 10%* or above, with a lucky 265 (17.7%) who have earned over 15% pa*.

There are various factors that may contribute to a variation between Net Returns, such as the timing of the investment, secondary market trading activity, promotions, compounding repayments and more. Some users who sustain a loss during a period of low capital employment may have a substantially negative Net Return. Past returns are not a guarantee of future earnings, please read more about the risks of P2P lending here. An explanation of the calculation of Net Returns is given here.