24th May, 2016

Did You Know: Updates Tab

Our Did You Know series highlights features, aspects and information about the platform that may have passed you by.

We understand that, as an investor, you want to be kept in the loop about what is happening on the loans you have invested in – both whilst the auction is still live, and also throughout the life of the loan.

We also understand that you may have invested in a large number of loans and that keeping track of the latest news on each can become a mammoth task.

That’s why we have implemented a feature that has been requested by many of you to solve just this problem.

You can now, from the ease and comfort of your own Lender Dashboard, view all the recent updates on any loan that you are currently invested in, this includes live loans, active loans on the secondary marketplace as well as any loan that may be in default.

Whenever an update is posted by one of the Rebs team, this will show on your ‘Loan Updates’ tab, right between ‘My Statement’ and ‘Repayments Calendar’. Not only can you see when there is an update, you can also read the full update from your dashboard, saving the need to navigate away.

The Loan Updates section will be used to post a variety of updates, from notifications of an auction extension, to updates on the completion of a loan, to updates from the directors of the business, as well as updates from Rebs as part of its ongoing loan monitoring process.

18th May, 2016

Did You Know: Average Return of All Lenders

Our Did You Know series highlights features, aspects and information about the platform that may have passed you by.

In line with our campaign for improved transparency and communication with lenders, we crunched the numbers on our loanbook to deliver you a picture of the average returns enjoyed by rebuildingsociety lenders.

The data we analysed covers the period between our inception up to the end of the 2015/16 tax year, and takes into account all interest received up to this point, losses relating to bad debt, and expected losses on any under-performing loans. The figures do not include promotional credits or any profit/loss from Microloan Trading.

As always, past returns are not necessarily a guarantee of future performance.

So here are the facts:

  • 15.5% AER: If you had placed the same amount on every loan in the said period, your net return would have been 15.5% AER, which compares very favourably with the reported 7.3% AER for one of our largest competitors.
  • Security Counts: The most notable impact on returns was the security offered. It will come as no surprise that loans with only a personal guarantee represent our lowest returns for lenders at just 8.88% AER – though still higher than the 7.3% AER reported by our largest competitor.
  • Size Matters: Our medium sized loans (£50,001 – £99,999) gave the best returns, narrowly ahead of large loans (£100,000+).  This is to be expected given that additional security is required above £50,000, so the medium and large loans are unhampered by the poorer performance of loans backed only by a PG.
  • Cream of the Crop: By quite a margin our highest rates of return were offered by loans that were medium sized and backed with property as security.

Want the numbers to sink your teeth into? Download an excel spreadsheet containing the data.

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