Lending Rates and Fees Explained

No surprises, just honest transparent lending

No Joining or Registration Fees

We don't take a margin

0.5% fee on micro loan trading

You set the rate you lend at

We indicate the risk, you set your rate

All loans on rebuildingsociety.com will receive a risk rating from A+ to C, with C rated loans being the riskiest. Each of these bandings has an upper interest rate limit. As a lender you can set the rate you want to lend at, depending on your risk appetite. Rates may be lower where loans are supported by security.

  • A+ 11% and under
  • B 17% and Under
  • A 14% and under
  • C 20% and under

ISA Account Fees


Free to open

We dont charge you to open an account


Transfer in

A fee of £40 applies if you require assistance with transferring in an existing ISA from another provider.


Transfer out

A fee of £40 applies if you require assistance with transferring out your IFISA to another provider.


Account Management

A monthly fee of 0.1% of assets (bids + microloans) applies and will be taken from your available balance on the 1st of each month. Microloans which have defaulted are excluded.

Large Lender and Institutional Lender Accounts

If you hold an available balance of £100,000 or more, or you have generated over 100,000 microloan records, you may meet the criteria of a ‘large lender’ and be charged a large lender account fee of 1% of assets (available balance + microloans) per month. This will also activate BidPal and BuyPal settings to help optimise returns for large lender accounts.

Peace of Mind

If you want additional peace of mind about rebuildingsociety.com and your lending activity. You can always access our Terms and Conditions and Business Loan Conditions from the site footer below.