What is peer-to-business lending?

Crowdfunding is frequently in the headlines because of the benefits it offers. At rebuildingsociety.com, we specialise in peer-to-business loans.

We perform four key functions:

  • Arrange loan agreements between borrowers and lenders under Article 36H of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
  • Hold the security on trust, on behalf of lenders
  • Clear all transactions through a segregated client account
  • Enforce the security for defaulted loans on behalf of lenders

By using an online platform to administer funding opportunities online, everyone gets a better deal.

Against a national backdrop of low-interest rates for savings and a business banking culture that is under pressure from the Government to lend more, it’s hardly surprising that investors and business borrowers are looking for alternatives. Don’t take our word for it! Listen to Brian Johnson as he shares his experiences.

Why choose rebuildingsociety.com?

We pass on 100% of the rewards

It is possible to lend at interest rates of up to 20% on our platform because we do not take a margin, so 100% of the interest paid by borrowers is relayed to the lenders. While the rewards are high, sometimes the risks can also be significant; you should not expect every loan to make every repayment on time. Read more about our risk-adjusted rate of return on our Stats page.  Our past performance is good, but no guarantee of future performance.

With over 8 years of history, you can trust us to deliver on our promises

We work hard to find and approve opportunities for you to fund. Most perform well and repay their loan with interest, but not every business is successful. We work hard with collaborative entrepreneurs to keep them performing, but the truth is that some businesses will fail.

How do you get started?


Registration is free and quick. Fill in your personal details and pass our quick ‘Appropriateness Test’ and then deposit funds into your online account, using the reference provided when you click ‘Add Funds’. Most deposits are reconciled the same day.

Review Potential Investments

Whether you decide to receive suggestions via our automatic bidding system or choose them yourself, rebuildingsociety will provide you with some information to help you evaluate potential investments. Review a company’s financial information, view questions from other members and engage directly to ask your own.

Offer to Lend

Once you’ve gathered enough information on a potential investment, just select the amount you wish to lend, pick an interest rate you feel reflects the risk in the investment and click ‘bid’, or ‘buy’ on the secondary market.

BEGINNER’S TIP: You may want to observe the rate that other lenders are offering, as the highest interest rate offers may be outbid once a funding requirement is fully offered.

How easy is it to use?

We understand that some lenders may not have time to read every opportunity in detail, so we have introduced some automatic bidding tools that make it very easy to set your lending preferences. This allows the system to understand your appetite for risk and to participate in loans that meet your criteria.

We try to make the opportunities interesting and engaging because we want lenders to ‘shop’ for their investment opportunities and to get to know the companies they are supporting. We also offer cashback incentives when lenders bid on live loans.


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