As a new and exciting industry sector we recognise that we need the support and cooperation of many people in a variety of sectors. For those of you who share our vision about replacing institutional finance with people finance, we’re happy to share in the benefits. There are simply too many people (complaining about poor rates of return) and good businesses (who can’t get access to finance) for us to get around. So we need your help…

There are no membership or partnership costs and every relationship is important to us. By identifying what is most suitable for you, we can present the benefits and resources to help you get started.

Ready to take on the banks?

  • Active Referrers – Established users, borrowers and lenders that love rebuildingsociety and act as ambassadors, earning rewards along the way
  • Affiliates - Internet marketeers earn a commission from educating the marketplace about p2p lending
  • Professional Introducers – Business advisers and commercial finance brokers who have worked in the financial services industry.
  • White Label Partners – Financial institutions and intermediaries that see p2p lending as key to their growth strategy and seek a technology partner

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