About us

The core Leeds-based team works with skilled freelancers around the world.

We focus on employing knowledgeable, motivated, dedicated individuals who are capable, responsive and proactive. We are a small team of professionals who work closely with a global network of freelancers, whose expertise ranges from marketing to finance to development.

An International & Diverse Ethos

Our team is a diverse and dynamic international group of professionals who are very good at what they do.

Our office staff hail from various corners of the world, as well different regions across the UK, while our freelance network quite literally spans the globe.

In 2018 we signed the Women in Finance charter as a commitment to encourage more talented women into FinTech.

Cohesive Collaboration

Each member is competent and capable in their area of expertise.

We work together as a very close-knit group, and each brings their knowledge to the task at hand. We communicate constantly, in an effective, open and clear manner, creating a transparent, efficient working environment.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Rajkumar

Founder & Managing Director

Kylie Greeff

Compliance Manager

Michael Lawther

Legal & Operations Manager

Rick Hyland

Business Development Manager

Huw Dyne

Finance and Systems Analyst

May Roble

Head of Customer Services