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Onwards and Upwards for Luxury Lady Limited

Avatar of Eleanor Montgomery Eleanor Montgomery 23rd Jun, 2017
Chin Up

Luxury Lady Limited is currently seeking funds on rebuildingsociety.com. The company has launched the ChinUp Mask, a new beauty treatment designed to improve the appearance of a double chin through 30-minute at-home treatment sessions. The company has turned to peer-to-business...

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Activate your Weekly Repayment Summary Emails

Avatar of Eleanor Montgomery Eleanor Montgomery 16th Jun, 2017
summary email-884x330

At rebuildingsociety.com, we like to keep both borrowers and lenders informed about their recent activity and the updates that affect them. One of the ways in which communicate is through the weekly repayment emails we send out to our lenders....

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The Golden Age of Bank Loans?

Avatar of kgreeff Kylie Greeff 7th Jun, 2017
growth and investment

With interest rates at a low and banks lending more than they have in years, the question of whether we are currently in a ‘Golden Age’ for bank lending, has recently been doing the rounds. We work with UK business...

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Whilst the start of summer marks a period of relaxation and vacation for many people, it is often one of the most difficult time periods for small businesses. Many of their customers are away enjoying the sunshine rather than making...

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Make P2P Lending Work For You

Avatar of kgreeff Kylie Greeff 31st May, 2017
I did it! I got the project!

Whether you are new to peer-to-business lending or are a seasoned professional, you should regularly consider whether your lending strategy is working for you. We’ve put together a short list of things you should consider as a peer to business...

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Platform News

Following our recent FCA authorisation, we are excited to announce that we are now offering companies the opportunity to collaborate with us as Appointed Representatives. The Appointed Representatives scheme allows companies not yet authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to...

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FinTech North 2017 (7)

On Wednesday, 26th April, founder and CEO of rebuildingsociety.com, Daniel Rajkumar, spoke at FinTech North, an annual event designed to generate collaboration within the Leeds City Region, and enhance the FinTech reputation within the region and beyond. The event, organised...

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Borrower News (2)

Prima Cleaners Looks to the Future

Avatar of Eleanor Montgomery Eleanor Montgomery 17th Mar, 2017

Prima Cleaners has a long history in the launderette business. They recently turned to rebuildingsociety.com to seek £53,000 in funds that they plan to use to expand and develop their company. We spoke to Graeme Davies to find out more...

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Borrower News (2)

Xanadu Seeks Expansion Funding

Avatar of Eleanor Montgomery Eleanor Montgomery 14th Mar, 2017

Xanadu UK Retail Limited is seeking funding via rebuildingsociety.com for the acquisition of a market-leading wholesale lingerie business in the UK. The company is seeking £200,000 to purchase Blue Moon Lingerie Limited, a wholesale lingerie distributor that was founded in...

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Full FCA Authorisation

Avatar of kgreeff Kylie Greeff 27th Feb, 2017

rebuildingsociety.com has been awarded full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority in recognition of our compliance with sector-specific regulations. We are very excited to share news of this major achievement and important milestone with our community. Authorisation means that we...

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