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Members of the team share news, give updates on available loans and report on events.

27th Aug 2020

We’re excited to announce that our new mobile app is now available and free to download for iPhone users. Have a look at our handy guide illustrating the app's key features.

17th Aug 2020

Read about the average Net Return figures for July 2020.

Understand your returns compared to the platform average net return. You can find our June stats and summary here.

29th Jun 2020

Starting a new job during lockdown is an interesting prospect. Find out how our new Ops Team member Jen Rodgers is getting on.

15th Jun 2020

The Net Return performance update for May 2020.

Find out the latest figures and stats for April 2020.

Our March 2020 Net Return performance update.

30th Mar 2020

We offer a privately syndicated loan service for business owners who want to formalise a loan from friends and family.

11th Mar 2020

Understanding the return you’re receiving, compared to the platform average net return and the general health of the full loan book helps […]