Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA)

Earn over 6.6%* tax-free interest with our Innovative Finance ISA

* Platform average net return as at 31/7/21. Your return may be higher or lower. Your capital is at risk. Not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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What are IFISAs?

The Innovative Finance ISA is a new account option that gives you the opportunity to receive tax-free interest when lending on

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

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Average Net Return : 6.6%*

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What are the benefits?

Innovative Finance ISAs combine the freedom and control of our normal lending process with the accruement of personal tax-free interest.

  • Choose from the available lending opportunities on the marketplace.
  • Access your capital by selling on the secondary marketplace.
  • Lend any amount up to the full allowance of £20,000 pa (2018/2019)
  • Monitor and control your capital employed online, anytime.

Helping small businesses whilst earning high returns.

“I have been investing (lending) through rebuildingsociety since January 2014. After a successful 1½ years with the platform, I added an account for my pension scheme in 2015. Later, I added an IFISA account in 2017.”

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See your Net Worth chart grow as your profits compound over time.

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How it works

Through our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), offers lenders the opportunity to lend to businesses, without paying personal taxes on returns made.

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

ISAs have constituted a trusted saving and investment method for several years. We are now giving you the opportunity to combine an ISA with peer-to-peer lending. With your IFISA account, you can continue to lend to and support British SMEs on our FCA-authorised peer-to-business lending platform, without paying personal taxes on the returns.

You can choose how much to lend, from £10 up to the legal annual allowance; transfer to and from other ISAs as you wish; make your own decisions; and access your capital on the Secondary Marketplace. Simple and straightforward, the IFISA process requires the transferral of bank funds or ISA holdings, which can then be used as normal, through the marketplace.

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