* Platform average net return per annum. Your return may be higher or lower. Your capital is at risk. Not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Why Invest With Us?

Choose the rate at which to lend

8 years of proven performance

No fees to access your money

Lend manually or automatically

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At rebuildingsociety.com, you control your own lending and return! You choose the businesses you want to support, and we do the rest.

Lending to businesses is an accessible, efficient and productive way of investing money. You’ll be directly supporting the UK economy, helping SMEs grow and earning yourself a better return on your hard earned money.

You can lend using a normal lending account or make use of our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) account. Lend via the Primary Marketplace to new loans, or visit the Secondary Marketplace, where loans that have already been funded by rebuildingsociety.com lenders are featured. When you buy loan parts (microloans) from other users via the Secondary Marketplace, you employ your capital immediately. Some microloans also offer a BuyBack Guarantee! You can lend as little as £10 to any business, and earn cashback when you bid on live loans.

Download our Lender Guide PDF and have a read through some of our Lender Education posts for more information.

Lending to business is not without risk; please consider these before investing. Businesses may at times struggle to make repayments and may ultimately default on the loan. If this happens, your capital and unpaid interest is at risk.


Current Annual Allowance


Average Net Return


Number of Registered Lenders

Standard Account

  • No annual limit
  • Invest as much as you like
  • Available to all lenders
  • Manual and auto lending options
  • Means to a passive income

IFISA Account

  • Earn tax-free interest
  • Annual subscription limit
  • Available to qualifying investors
  • Manual and auto lending options

Making P2P Lending Easier For The Everyday Investor

"I continue to invest over 95% of available funds on this one platform (despite its small size) because it is the only P2P I have discovered where the gross returns are sufficient to outweigh defaults. The site is not perfect (due largely to resource constraints), but it is undoubtedly the best in my five years+"

- Long Term Lender on TrustPilot.com


Loans that make it to the marketplace are of varying risk. We reject approximately 90% of all applications received. Every business loan application that we receive is reviewed, and we apply our ever-evolving credit risk assessment process to each one. Once approved, each loan is assigned a corresponding risk rating.

It is important to remember that despite our best efforts, some businesses may still fail to repay their loans. You should always review loan profiles carefully before deciding to invest, and we recommend that you build a diversified portfolio.

Find out more about the risks of peer-to-business lending

Our credit risk team carefully review each and every loan application, only those meeting our strict criteria are ever listed for you to invest in.

Learn more about our credit risk assessment

Beyond Finance

Lenders and borrowers on rebuildingsociety.com form part of a strong and growing community, committed to supporting the UK economy.

Lenders are encouraged to support the businesses they lend to beyond the financial transaction of the loan. We encourage collaboration and support that will help businesses prosper in the long term. You can support the businesses by:

Interacting with the directors on the discussion forum

Swapping a current supplier with a business you have lent to

Encourage your friends to adjust their purchasing habits too

Balance your risk appetite and the cost with the company’s ability to pay

Our Primary Marketplace

The Primary Marketplace is where new lending opportunities are listed. These are new loans to the platform which have been approved for listing following our credit risk assessment.