fairer investments that you control

Take Control

  • Choose businesses to lend to
  • Invest an amount and rate you’re happy with
  • Analyse financials and question borrowers
  • Your capital is at risk

Earn More

  • Bid for interest up to 20%
  • Earn monthly interest
  • Use our secondary market to buy and sell existing loan parts
  • Current avg. gross yield: 15.4% before bad debt & tax charges

Support SMEs

  • Directly support the UK economy
  • Help great businesses to grow
  • Engage with a friendly community of investors
  • Be part of the huge crowdfunding revolution transforming the UK

A Fresh, Rewarding Way to Invest

Lending to businesses is an accessible, reliable and productive way of investing money. You’ll be reinvesting directly into the UK economy, helping SMEs grow and create a sustainable business community.

You can invest on our primary marketplace in new loans, or buy loan parts from other users to employ your capital immediately.

Past returns are no guarantee of future returns.

Lender Spotlight Ellie Kirby


“I put my first £10 (the minimum investment amount) into the system in March 2014. This £10 formed part of a loan which went ahead, and the repayments plus the interest are paid back to me monthly.”

“Since then I have lent a total of £3,930 to businesses and my total interest earnings are £426.36. I have reinvested a large proportion of my repaid capital and interest payments in additional opportunities.”

Lending Statistics

166Loans complete
£11.4mLent to UK businesses
18.3% gross rate for C-rated businesses

The Risks

Lending to UK businesses is not without risk. Although credit checks are undertaken, you have the opportunity to perform due diligence and to diversify your portfolio. Should a business you have lent money to fail, there is a risk of losing some or all of your original investment.

When a borrower refinances, only capital repayments and the interest accrued during that month are due. Because of this, if you pay a premium to purchase a microloan and the borrower refinances, you may lose money.

Your lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This means that should a business you have lent money to fail, there is a risk of losing some or all of your original investment.

Read more about the risks of peer-to-peer lending.

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