Lender Education


9th Jul 2021

Did you know rebuildingsociety.com offers cashback lending incentives when you bid on loans on the Primary Marketplace?

17th May 2021

One of the more well-known types of of crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending isn't the only crowdfunding category. We take a look at some of the different types, so you can be sure you're raising or investing funds using the crowdfunding model which suits you best.

24th Mar 2021

What is the process for a business loan, from application through to repayment?

1st Oct 2020

Risk ratings, sometimes called 'bands' or 'tranches', indicate the risk of lending to a particular borrower, with higher risk loans providing higher levels of interest.

24th Sep 2020

How do we monitor the health of the rebuildingsociety.com loan book?

10th Sep 2020

Watch our new video explaining how we calculate Net Returns.

27th Aug 2020

We’re excited to announce that our new rebuildingsociety.com mobile app is now available and free to download for iPhone users. Have a look at our handy guide illustrating the app's key features.

14th Aug 2020

At rebuildingsociety.com, we believe that when business owners support their loan with good security they should be rewarded for it.

7th Aug 2020

In February 2016 rebuildingsociety.com was one of the first P2P platforms to receive full FCA authorisation. In this article we have a look at what the FCA does, and also the rules specific to P2P financial services.