Jennifer Rodgers

6th Oct 2020

September was an above average month in terms of profit and above average for our platform. Read the full update here.

1st Oct 2020

Risk ratings, sometimes called 'bands' or 'tranches', indicate the risk of lending to a particular borrower, with higher risk loans providing higher levels of interest.

10th Sep 2020

Watch our new video explaining how we calculate Net Returns.

7th Sep 2020

How did lenders fare in August? Read the latest figures and commentary.

14th Aug 2020

At, we believe that when business owners support their loan with good security they should be rewarded for it.

7th Aug 2020

In February 2016 was one of the first P2P platforms to receive full FCA authorisation. In this article we have a look at what the FCA does, and also the rules specific to P2P financial services.

16th Jun 2020

When a small business needs cash quickly, it’s often the business director and their friends and family that help them to top up the business account using their own funds. They do this all without realising they can formalise the loan. This is where can help.

7th May 2020

We talked with the Director of PE Energy Solutions to find out more about the company.