Jennifer Rodgers

12th Jan 2021

Read about the average Net Return figures for December 2020.

6th Jan 2021

In our series on doing business in 2021, we share tips and insights from some of our suppliers, borrowers, partners and investors. Our first instalment is about the changing SEO landscape, and what you can do to improve your website and digital marketing.

18th Dec 2020

At, we help British SMEs of all shapes and sizes to raise funds. Every business has unique needs based on the stage of their business journey, and therefore unique funding requirements.

7th Dec 2020

We sat down with Phillips, former England Rugby Sevens captain and now an experienced property investor, to find out what he thinks about the Director's Loan Account ISA, and how it is has helped him to invest in property.

4th Dec 2020

Read about the average Net Return figures for November 2020.

20th Nov 2020

Curious to find out more about QB Contracts, our newest borrower? Read our interview with the company director, Peter Quinn.

11th Nov 2020

We're thrilled to have a mention in the latest issue of Property Hub magazine! In an interview with Chantelle Dietz, England rugby legend Ollie Phillips spoke about using the Director's Loan ISA to invest in his property company.

6th Nov 2020

We're pleased to have been shortlisted for Business Cloud's Yorkshire & Humberside Tech 50!

6th Oct 2020

September was an above average month in terms of profit and above average for our platform. Read the full update here.