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What we do

rebuildingsociety.com is an online peer-to-business lending platform, bringing together UK businesses looking for loans with individuals looking to make a better return than through their savings by lending directly to businesses. Daniel Rajkumar founded rebuildingsociety.com so investors could offer more than just finance to companies they lend to. Our model creates a community where borrowers and lenders alike are invested in the businesses’ success and growth. As the peer-to-peer lending industry continues to grow and gain credibility in the UK and around the world, our team believes businesses will favour this method of funding ahead of banks in the future.

The site began accepting loan applications in September 2012 and funded its first deal in January 2013. Today we’ve facilitated £9.5m and counting in loans — that’s more than 150 successfully funded applications for finance.

Our story

The founder and Managing Director of rebuildingsociety is Daniel Rajkumar. He felt that investors could offer more than just finance to companies they lend to and believes businesses will favour this method of funding ahead of banks in the future.  

Businesses and investors value the advantages of peer-to-business lending, which stems from the belief that lenders have a vested interest in seeing their borrowers succeed.

We’re also a firm believer in the founding principles of building societies and have applied some of the values to our philosophy. Read more about the origins of rebuildingsociety.com

David Powell joined the board in early 2012 and Julian Wells as Marketing Director in July. Nick Moules was appointed Communications Manager in September, while October saw the new addition to the board of Nigel Payne who along with Julian Wells runs the introducer channel.

Following a period of technology development, the site began accepting loan applications in September 2012. This started a marketing push, which resulted in rebuildingsociety.com funding its first deal in January 2013.

Our People:

Daniel Rajkumar

Profile picture of Daniel Rajkumar
A firm believer in a UK economy driven by enterprise and productivity, Daniel is passionate about providing a funding solution for businesses he feels have been let down by the banks.

His own frustrating experience of applying for funding through traditional channels convinced him that he could start and establish a credible facilitator of business loans funded by individuals, resulting in rebuildingsociety.com.

A serial entrepreneur, Daniel is the owner of several web-based businesses including rebuildingsociety.com and Web Translations, a business he has owned for 12 years that helps companies to trade in international markets by translating and promoting websites.

Julian Wells

Profile picture of Julian Wells

Julian is rebuildingsociety’s Marketing Director with a career as a director in financial services behind him, he takes a strategic lead with commercial finance brokers, intermediaries and advisers. Julian also guides rebuildingsociety’s white label clients through set-up and launch of their p2p platforms.

Kylie Greeff

Profile picture of Kylie Greeff

Kylie reviews the security provided by applicants for its suitability and enforceability, she also manages the loan auction process to help get answers to questions and moderate communication between borrowers, lenders and advisers.Kylie has also taken a role with in our compliance team to ensure that we meet our regulatory obligations.

Kylie holds a Qualifying Law degree and a first class Business & Law degree from Leeds University. Kylie has been part o the rebuildingsociety team since the beginning.

David Powell

Profile picture of David Powell

David Powell is a shareholder and Non-Executive Director for Business Strategy. David is a Chartered Accountant and management consultant with a focus on cost management. He advises the team on business strategy, user experience and management.


Profile picture of Philip Pawson

Philip is a Forensic Accountant. A trained accountant and barrister with forty years of business experience, Philip truly understands the mechanics of running a small business, which enables him to assess the creditworthiness of businesses applying for finance. Member of the ICAEW and currently serving on the ICAEW Business Law Committee.

Rick Hyland

Profile picture of Rick Hyland

Rick Hyland is Business Development Manager. Following a career in relationship building in sales and recruitment, Rick is responsible for identifying new borrowers and nurturing their journey through application, acting as their point of reference.

Nick Newton

Profile picture of Nick Newton

Nick Newton is our Customer Support Manager. He is responsible for the Customer Support team and collaborating with new partners.

Huw Miller

Profile picture of Huw Miller

Huw Miller is Finance Controller. Responsible for the daily reconciliation of the client account. Huw also undertakes much of the accounting for the business as well as assisting with the preparation of applications for review by the underwriters. Huw is an MAAT, a full Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Maria Samayoa

Profile picture of Maria Samayoa

Maria Samayoa is our Production Manager. Maria joined the team in February 2014 and has been key to the training and development of Project Managers who collaborate with our partners. Maria has also been key in helping to setup and support the team in Central America.

Pawel Szewczyk

Profile picture of Pawel Szewczyk

Pawel Szewczyk is our Development Team Leader. With years of web development experience as well as expertise in dev management, Pawel is based in our Leeds office and regularly works with our partners develop new and existing functionality.

Adam Knott

Profile picture of Adam Knott

Adam is our Digital Marketing Manager. He is responsible for SEO, website analytics and online advertising as well as coordinating website development and content management. Outside of work he is a budding music journalist and has built and maintained websites for a number of years.

and the rest...

rebuildingsociety.com wouldn’t be what it is today without the input from key consultants and freelancers who are not employed full time, but are instrumental in the growth and development of the organisation. We’re big believers in computer-aided collaborative working and many of our staff work out of remote locations thanks to advanced teleworking technology. By working with a big freelance team, we keep the business lean while being able to scale up with the growth in demand.