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Our Mission

rebuildingsociety.com is born from the attitude that people want transparency, trust and purpose from financial services. We believe that allowing businesses to apply to an online community of lenders helps to benefit the business by connecting various stakeholders with a vested interest in their long term success. An increasing number of people care about how their money is used in society. Since the crash fewer people are prepared to invest in blind funds and greater accountability is demanded of discretionary fund managers. Many people are taking better control of finance into their own hands. We began accepting loan applications in September 2012, funded our first deal in January 2013. Today we’ve facilitated over £10m and counting in loans from more than 200 applications for finance.

Our Story

Businesses and investors value the advantages of peer-to-business lending, which stems from the belief that lenders have a vested interest in seeing their borrowers succeed. We’re also a firm believer in the founding principles of building societies and have applied some of the values to our philosophy. Read more about the origins of rebuildingsociety.com


David Powell joined the board in early 2012 and Julian Wells as Marketing Director in July. Following a period of technology development, the site began accepting loan applications in September 2012. This started a marketing push, which resulted in funding its first deal in January 2013.

To meet the rest of rebuildingsociety.com, visit our team page.

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