About rebuildingsociety.com

rebuildingsociety.com is about more than finance.

Our Mission

rebuildingsociety.com is born from the attitude that people want transparency, trust and purpose from financial services. An increasing number of people care about how their money is used in society. Since the crash, fewer people are prepared to invest in blind funds and greater accountability is demanded of discretionary fund managers. Many people are taking better control of finance into their own hands.

We’re also a firm believer in transparency and choice in the peer to peer lending industry. We’ve worked hard to maintain high levels of transparency in everything we do. We believe we have the most informative and open loan profiles, allowing lenders to make informed lending decisions and strive to communicate in the most open and informative way possible with all parties throughout the loan term. Unlike many other platforms we offer lenders a choice in who they lend to but also offer an auto lending option.  Our lenders set the rates at which they want to lend and we do not take a margin on the loan; all interest goes directly to the lender. We are regulated and authorised by the FCA.

Our Story

We fix two frustrations; the frustration many business owners have with access to finance and the frustration lenders have with the disappointing levels of interest available from traditional investments and savings solutions.

We began accepting loan applications in September 2012 and funded our first deal in January 2013. In February 2016 we were one of the first platforms to receive full FCA authorisation and shortly thereafter launched our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) accounts, enabling investors to benefit from the tax savings offered by the ISA wrapper.

Today we’ve facilitated over £17m and counting in loans from more than 250 UK SMEs looking for finance.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Rajkumar

Founder & Managing Director

Kylie Greeff

Compliance Manager

Michael Lawther

Legal & Operations Manager

Rick Hyland

Business Development Manager

Huw Dyne

Systems Accountant, Underwriting and Financial Analyst

May Roble

Investor Relations

Harizza Orquia

Financial Controller

Alfie Quiming

HR Manager

Jennifer Rodgers


Jose Marc Castro

Legal and Compliance Manager

Matthew Doyle

Non-Executive Director

Richard McGrail

Non-Executive Director