About rebuildingsociety.com

Based in Leeds city centre, rebuildingsociety.com is the peer-to-peer lending platform that brings ethically-minded people together for a better deal. Whereas many platforms encourage passive transactions, with limited information, we invite you to become a ‘financial activist’, because purposeful lending serves our society better.

Our Mission to our Lenders

We strive to present creditworthy businesses on our marketplace. We believe in presenting clear information about applicant businesses for you to study. We encourage dialogue between lenders and the borrower to help inform your lending decision and we encourage you to become ambassadors, supporting the demand-chain for the businesses. We also recognise that lending should be easy and efficient, so we make it easy to automatically apply your criteria to new opportunities, thereby keeping your capital active.

Our Mission for Business Owners

We know what its like to suddenly face an unexpected bad-debt from a client who’s gone bust. We understand that the ‘moment can pass’, when looking to jump on a new opportunity. So we will always try to process your application promptly and connect you with lenders that want to support your business. When you need flexibility, it is easy to take a poll from your lenders and act appropriately. There are no hidden fees and when your business does well, you can quickly graduate from being a borrower to becoming a lender.

Our Story

We began taking loan applications in late 2012 and funded our first deal in January 2013. In February 2017 we received our FCA authorisation and in May 2017 we became an ISA Manager. Today, we have an activa marketplace with hundreds of businesses and thousands of lenders. We even support other platforms through our appointed representative proposition.

Businesses and investors value the advantages of peer-to-business lending, which stems from the belief that lenders have a vested interest in seeing their borrowers succeed. We’re also a firm believer in the founding principles of building societies and have applied some of the values to our philosophy. Read more about the origins of rebuildingsociety.com

Throughout the years, rebuildingsociety.com has been careful to invite the best talent to join the team.

The Board

As with every regulated financial services business, we have a strong board to govern the business:

The board meets 10 times a year and is happy to consider partnership / JV opportunities.

Meet the rebuildingsociety.com team.

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