What is a BuyBack Guarantee

A buyback guarantee is a promise between one lender to another, to buyback the microloan in the event that the loan defaults

The sellers buys the microloan at the premium for the benefit of this reassurance. If the microloan fails into arrears by more then 60 days the lender that sold the microloan will buy it back. This gives the lender purchasing a buyback microloan peace of mind, and gives the issuing lender the ability to free up capital to invest in new lending opportunities.

Peace of Mind



What are the benefits?

Lending carries the risk that you might lose your capital. Our buyback guarantee aims to reduce your capital risk.

  • Build a diversified portfolio by buying a microloans with buyback guarantee.
  • Buyback automatically facilitated by the platform.
  • Monitor and control your capital employed online, anytime
  • The buyback trigger will be activated if the loan falls into arrears, meaning that the issuing lender will buy the microloan back from you. Returning your capital outstanding on the loan

Making Lending easier for the everyday investor

"I have been investing (lending) through ReBuilding Society since January 2014. After a successful 1½ years with the platform, I added an account for my pension scheme in 2015. Later, I added an IFISA account in 2017. All 3 accounts have made, and continue to make, double digit returns."

- Veronica Long Term Lender on TrustPilot.com


Sophisticated and HNW lenders will offer to sell some of their microloans with a guarantee attached. They can only offer guarantees on up to 40% of your performing portfolio

Buying lenders

Buyback guarantee microloans offer lenders peace of mind, as another lender has guaranteed your capital if the microloan falls into arrears. they buyback process will begin after 60 days of arrears

How It Works

The buyback is offered by experienced investors on microloans. Other lenders (buyers) can choose to buy these buyback guaranteed microloans at a higher cost compared to other microloans, with the added benefit that if the loan falls into arrears the issuer will buy the microloan back.

Purchase a microloan with extra 'security' If the loan falls into arrears the buyback will automatically be triggered and the issuing lender will buy back the microloan within 30 days. Issuing lenders are restricted to only offering the buyback guarantee on a maximum of 40% of their performing portfolio This agreement is between lenders and not rebuidlingsociety.com

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