27th Jan 2021

Our Compliance Coordinator looks at the Savings Challenges circulating online. Are they worth the effort?

7th Dec 2020

We sat down with Phillips, former England Rugby Sevens captain and now an experienced property investor, to find out what he thinks about the Director's Loan Account ISA, and how it is has helped him to invest in property.

4th Dec 2020

Read about the average Net Return figures for November 2020.

20th Nov 2020

Curious to find out more about QB Contracts, our newest borrower? Read our interview with the company director, Peter Quinn.

3rd Nov 2020

Read about the average Net Return figures for October 2020.

6th Oct 2020

September was an above average month in terms of profit and above average for our platform. Read the full update here.

1st Oct 2020

Risk ratings, sometimes called 'bands' or 'tranches', indicate the risk of lending to a particular borrower, with higher risk loans providing higher levels of interest.

24th Sep 2020

How do we monitor the health of the rebuildingsociety.com loan book?

7th Sep 2020

How did lenders fare in August? Read the latest figures and commentary.