Kylie Greeff

15th Nov, 2017

NorthInvest Summit in Leeds

FinTech in the north of England is a particularly hot topic of late. In the last three weeks, there have […]

14th Nov, 2017

FinTech North November

The responsibility of northern businesses and the dangers of robo-advice. On Friday 10th November, 74 people representing northern FinTech companies […]

30th Oct, 2017

Fin vs. Tech

Is it the “fin” or the “tech” that is the key to developing the future of online lending? “FinTech” is […]

25th Oct, 2017

CrowdConference 2017

Given our experience in the FinTech sector; not only in operating a P2B lending platform, but also building and maintaining […]

25th Oct, 2017

The Pace of Change in Financial Services

Last week, rebuildingsociety’s founder and CEO, Daniel Rajkumar, and Legal and Compliance Manager, Kylie Greeff, attended the 6th ECN Crowdfunding […]

24th Oct, 2017

Platform vs Lender Responsibilities

If you’re new to peer-to-peer lending, you’ll be getting used to a whole new world of finance and investment which […]

11th Oct, 2017

Loan Profile – Key Risks

We’ve recently updated the layout and information displayed to lenders on each of the loan listing profiles. These changes have […]

09th Oct, 2017

A Cashflow Plan for the Festive Season

There are just 11 weeks left until Christmas! Most shops are now stocking Christmas decorations, coffee shops are offering their […]

09th Oct, 2017

How to Keep Family and Friends Loans Strictly Business – Private Peer Loans

You may have shunned the bank by borrowing from family or friends, but you should still treat the loan as formal business. After all, borrowing money is not the […]

29th Sep, 2017

Northern Business Helping Northern Businesses

Grimsby, York, Manchester, Glasgow and Dundee; these are some of the home towns of businesses that rebuildingsociety lenders have helped […]

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