Kylie Greeff

Kylie Greeff is the Legal and Compliance Manager at She shares her expertise on various topics related to the FinTech industry.

Lender’s Review of

10th Dec 2018

Why Invest in Peer to Peer Lending? Brian has chosen peer to peer lending as part of his investment portfolio as he enjoys the fact that crowdfunding and P2P lending directly connects lenders with the funders, cutting out the middleman. Brian enjoys engaging with the bus...

Christmas Shopping for the Crowd

4th Dec 2018

If you didn’t get the chance to make the most of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, don’t worry there’s still 21 days to Christmas, plenty of time to get those gifts ticked off the list. If you don’t have a list and are still looking around for ideas, maybe we ...

Scale Up Programme to Accelerate Growth of

3rd Dec 2018 is proud to have been selected to be part of the 2019 Barclays Scale Up programme, run by Barclays in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School. The innovative programme aims to enhance the performance and competitiveness of high-potential busi...

Advice to Borrowers – From a Lender

26th Nov 2018

Tips for Raising P2P Finance Brian Johnson has been a regular lender on since 2014, supporting many UK SMEs in their growth aspirations along the way. Brian also has many years’ experience of managing and running his own businesses, so understands th...

Changes to Our Auto Bidding Tool – BidPal

29th Oct 2018

We’re excited to announce the most recent changes to our auto bidding tool, BidPal.For years lenders have used BidPal to help them manage their Rebs lending portfolio, helping them invest in a wide range of loans whilst saving them valuable time, and now we’ve improved i...

Peer-to-business Lending – It’s a Journey Not a Destination

16th Aug 2018

If you’re new to peer -to-business lending you might be wondering what you’re in for, if you’re a seasoned P2B lender, you may by now understand the various processes and cycles involved in lending to businesses. As a platform we’ve been facilitating lending to UK...

New Board Appointments Strengthen Firm for Growth

14th Aug 2018 are pleased to announce the appointment of the newest members of our Board, Stephen Wallis as Non-Executive Risk Director, and Georgina Mitchell as Chief Operating Officer. (more…)

Transparency Matters

31st Jul 2018

Peer-to business lending started out with the ambition to be better than the banks, by being more open and transparent, more ethical, more dynamic and better for businesses and lenders alike. Since the early days of the industry, we’ve seen platforms come and go and there ...

Loan Profile – Key Risks

11th Jul 2018

Lending to businesses requires you to carry out some due diligence before lending. As a platform we provide you with a significant amount of information on the borrowing business to help you make a lending decision. Whilst we provide a lot of information, we understand tha...
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