Meet the Compliance Team operates as a network principal for the Financial Conduct Authority, meaning that it oversees a number of other P2P platforms, allowing them to meet the regulatory compliance requirements to operate a platform in the UK without having to be directly authorised by the FCA.

Overseeing the network of appointed representatives (ARs) is a dedicated and dynamic Compliance Team. Not only is it their job to ensure ARs operate effectively within the regulations, but they also help businesses foresee and overcome the challenges of growing and running a P2P platform. Unlike many other principals, has experience setting up and operating a P2P platform, as well as seeing a fully functional P2P platform through the process of direct authorisation by the FCA.

The team is on hand to answer any compliance questions you may have and we hope that our ARs see our team as an extension of their own in-house team.

Your Compliance Team

Kylie-Jo Greeff

Kylie has been with since its inception and has worked across a number of departments, from customer support and operations to business development. She’s seen the business grow from start-up to fully regulated platform. When the firm needed to gain FCA approval, Kylie’s legal background and in-depth understanding of the firm meant she was well-positioned to transition into compliance.

Kylie now oversees the Compliance Team and works closely with potential appointed representatives as well as overseeing both the on-boarding of new ARs and their ongoing compliance.

In her spare time, Kylie is a committed karate instructor and also manages a multi martial arts club in Leeds, often teaching up to 10-15 hours a week.


Rebekah Wilinsky

Rebekah is one of the newer additions to the Compliance Team, having recently graduated. She’s been quickly learning about compliance in a fintech and peer-to-peer context, putting this new knowledge to work helping set up and oversee the network of appointed representatives.

During lockdown Rebekah has been fostering cats and kittens and spent a lot of time trying to rescue them from whatever perilous spot they’ve managed to find behind the TV or on the light shade. However usually she spends her free time swimming, cooking, and going on holiday at every opportunity.

Marc Castro

Marc is a recent addition to the Compliance Team and He brings a wealth of experience, having worked remotely since 2008 in wide range of roles from copywriter to management for tech and finance firms both online and in the real world.

Marc’s legal training and experience makes him a valuable member of the compliance and legal departments at

When he’s not working, Marc is a grandfather to an eight year old, so don’t be surprised if he starts talking passionately about Peppa Pig and Scooby Doo.

Huw Dyne

Huw joined in 2016 to run the finance department; since then he has held a number of roles and positions related to finance, data, systems and credit risk.

During the FCA authorisation process Huw’s main task was to translate the CASS regulations and FCA feedback into systems, processes, controls and audits.

Huw currently performs internal audits and data checks on the system to catch any issues as early as possible and isolate why they happen and how to prevent them in the future.

An avid reader, when Huw is not working he is usually found with his head in a novel.

Harizza Orquia

Harizza has been working with since 2015.

She handles daily client account reconciliation, confirms lender deposits, and processes borrower repayments. She oversees ARs’ daily reconciliation, prepares borrower statements of account, handles bookkeeping and financial reports including invoices to ARs.

Harizza is a pet lover and currently has 4 dogs, 7 cats, 2 rabbits, and a hawk. In her spare time, she makes organic cosmetics and skincare products. In lockdown, she discovered a passion for baking, trying out lots of tasty new recipes.

Reach Out

If you have any questions about P2P compliance or need to get in touch with our team, do not hesitate to either give us a call or email and one of our team will get back to you.

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