26th Nov, 2018

Advice to Borrowers – From a Lender

Tips for Raising P2P Finance

Brian Johnson has been a regular lender on rebuildingsociety.com since 2014, supporting many UK SMEs in their growth aspirations along the way. Brian also has many years’ experience of managing and running his own businesses, so understands the difficulties businesses encounter in raising finance and has seen how businesses can use P2P finance to their advantage and how rebuildingsociety.com facilitates more than just a business loan.

We met up with Brian to find out what tips he would give businesses who are looking to get a business loan through rebuildingsociety.com.

13th Nov, 2018

Who’s Hungry for Some Buffett?

This blog has been written by rebuildingsociety.com’s Non-Executive Risk Director, Steve Wallis. Steve brings a wealth of Financial Services experience, having previously worked as Head of Portfolio Management at Ferratum Group and Chief Risk Officer at Ferratum Bank as well as having also worked at payment processing company Elavon. Steve, is also a passionate advocate of P2P lending having been an early adopter and investor across a number of different platforms. Here Steve briefly explains compunding and the rule of 72.


06th Nov, 2018

Festive Preparation for Your Business

With the Bonfire smoke clearing and the sound of fireworks still ringing, in our ears many people now turn to Christmas preparation and celebrations. Whilst the upcoming festive season brings with it plenty of fun and reasons for celebrations, it is often a challenging time for business owners, particularly if planning hasn’t been done to ensure business continues as normal through this disruptive period.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you ensure that you make the necessary arrangements to avoid disruption to service or unexpected issues during the festive period and to ensure that you set your business up for the best possible start to 2019!

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