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£13.14 +5.00% £13.80 14.24%
£19.71 +7.00% £21.09 12.81%
£13.14 +7.00% £14.06 12.81%
£6.57 +7.00% £7.03 12.81%
£26.29 +8.00% £28.39 12.11%

About the Business

Company Name: ANVIL HOUSE LIMITED Company Number: 09768899
Business Type: Years Trading: More than 10 years
Business Location: Blandford Forum

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Craig Newman

Est. Equity: 0.00

Charge on Domestic Residence - Equitable charge over the Director's personal residence

Est. Equity: 120000.00

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over the applicant company

Est. Equity: 5000.00

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over the operating company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Cross Corporate Guarantee - CCG from operating company to applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Cross Corporate Guarantee - CCG from applicant company to operating company

Est. Equity: 0.00

1st Charge on Commercial Property - First priority legal charge on an unencumbered factory unit

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Business acquisition
This loan is to fund a business acquisition. The experience of the purchasers should be considered.
Previous Failed Businesses
One or more of the directors has been involved in a failed business
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity
Low Quick Ratio Score
The quick ratio is an indicator of a company’s short-term liquidity. The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets

Important Files

Who are we?

Craig Newman, via a relatively newly incorporated company, Anvil House Limited has the opportunity to acquire 100% of the shares of a successful, well established Blandford based Pet store which specialises in the supply of healthy foods to dogs and cats. The company produces both standard off the shelf products as well as bespoke feeds from high quality, low protein foodstuffs as free from processing, additives and colourings as possible.

Visit the company's website at and their Facebook page at

A strong customer base has been developed over the last 15 years, locally based mainly, but supported by increasing volumes driven by online sales.

The current owner wants to retire and pass control to animal lovers based locally thus the private sale, but has agreed to remain involved, two days a week, on a consultancy basis to ensure a smooth transition / handover and thorough and prolonged training.

Craig’s life partner, Tracey who has a wide experience in both retail and customer service roles in a variety of different sectors and a passion for animals, will manage the shop day to day with Craig whose background is broadly based in management across a number of different businesses including motor and construction will be 100% shareholder and the sole director with a watching brief over all regulatory matters and financial performance. Craig and Tracey are long time customers of the store and have developed a very strong relationship with the vendor and it is the strength of that relationship that has facilitated the involvement of the current owner for a contracted two year period to smooth the handover.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The sum of £125K is sought to enable the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Healthy Pets ( Blandford ) Limited subject to full warranties and representations from the vending shareholder. The full consideration is £150K.

The subject company has traded successfully since 2002, continuing to expand, returning sales growth of 6.9% year on year in the last filed accounts and top line sales growth of 6.25% has been achieved in the current trading year. Cash rich and debt free, the company has minimal trade creditors. The purchase price includes all current assets, consisting mainly of cash (£30K ) and stock ( typically being £30K or more ) as well as fixed assets of £16K. They include shop and warehouse shelving and racking, IT systems including front of house and back office, freezers, fork lift truck, vehicles and storage containers.

The company trades from leased premises with 6 years currently unexpired.

A completion date of 1/3/17 is targeted.

Why consider investing?

With the existing owner remaining involved and business steadily growing, no material change to the financial performance trends of the business is perceived. Business as usual will be the watchword in the coming 2 years.

Profits have been £33K and £39K in the last 2 financial years. Since the last year end, reductions in overhead have already been implemented with staff reorganisation meaning a reduction in staff numbers from 10 to 8 resulting in £26K of added bottom line.

A number of other one off charges in 2016 will result in 2017 figures being stronger. These include 2016 overspend on advertising, repairs etc. The current year also sees the company being exempt from business rates.

No income requirement exists for Craig due to his other monthly revenue streams of £6K approximately per month. Tracey has a modest £12K per annum income factored into the profit and cash budgets which are appended to the application.

Profit of £43K+ is budgeted in the forthcoming year post servicing the debt requested, even presupposing an interest coupon of 18%.


This loan is to be secured by a Personal Guarantee from Mr Newman, a third priority legal charge over Mr Newman's domestic residence and an All Assets Debenture over the applicant company.

As security, lenders are offered an unlimited first debenture over the company picking up fixed assets, stock, debtors and cash.

In addition, a Personal Guarantee is offered from Craig Newman. Mr Newman has an estimated net worth of £210,000 derived from his ownership of his residential property, a house valued at £380K subject to an outstanding first charge of £200K and second of £60K giving equity of £120K; and his ownership of an unencumbered commercial property worth £90,000 with £90,000 equity.

An equitable charge will be taken over Mr Newman's personal residence. This will not be a legal charge and will not be registered at the Land Registry. A redacted valuation of the property has been attached to the application for the consideration of lenders.

A first priority legal charge will be taken over a commercial unit owned by Mr Newman. This unit has a value of £90,000 (see attached valuation from chartered surveyor) and is unencumbered. The freehold property is owned by Mr Newman, who has granted a lease to the current occupants which has five years remaining. A professional valuation from a chartered surveyor is currently being sought, and our first priority legal charge will capture all of the equity in the property.

In addition, a cross-corporate guarantee will be provided from the applicant holding company to the operating entity and a separate corporate guarantee from the operating company to the holding company.

A first priority debenture will also be taken over the operating company.

04/06/2017£1,987.31£0.00£1,987.31Interest only
05/09/2019£3,393.86£2,090.73£1,303.13Not Due
05/10/2019£3,393.86£2,121.65£1,272.21Not Due
05/11/2019£3,393.86£2,153.03£1,240.83Not Due
05/12/2019£3,393.86£2,184.87£1,208.99Not Due
05/01/2020£3,393.86£2,217.18£1,176.68Not Due
05/02/2020£3,393.86£2,249.97£1,143.89Not Due
05/03/2020£3,393.86£2,283.24£1,110.62Not Due
05/04/2020£3,393.86£2,317.01£1,076.85Not Due
05/05/2020£3,393.86£2,351.27£1,042.59Not Due
05/06/2020£3,393.86£2,386.05£1,007.81Not Due
05/07/2020£3,393.86£2,421.33£972.53Not Due
05/08/2020£3,393.86£2,457.14£936.72Not Due
05/09/2020£3,393.86£2,493.48£900.38Not Due
05/10/2020£3,393.86£2,530.36£863.50Not Due
05/11/2020£3,393.86£2,567.78£826.08Not Due
05/12/2020£3,393.86£2,605.75£788.11Not Due
05/01/2021£3,393.86£2,644.29£749.57Not Due
05/02/2021£3,393.86£2,683.39£710.47Not Due
05/03/2021£3,393.86£2,723.08£670.78Not Due
05/04/2021£3,393.86£2,763.35£630.51Not Due
05/05/2021£3,393.86£2,804.21£589.65Not Due
05/06/2021£3,393.86£2,845.68£548.18Not Due
05/07/2021£3,393.86£2,887.77£506.09Not Due
05/08/2021£3,393.86£2,930.47£463.39Not Due
05/09/2021£3,393.86£2,973.81£420.05Not Due
05/10/2021£3,393.86£3,017.79£376.07Not Due
05/11/2021£3,393.86£3,062.42£331.44Not Due
05/12/2021£3,393.86£3,107.71£286.15Not Due
05/01/2022£3,393.86£3,153.67£240.19Not Due
05/02/2022£3,393.86£3,200.31£193.55Not Due
05/03/2022£3,393.86£3,247.64£146.22Not Due
05/04/2022£3,393.86£3,295.66£98.20Not Due
05/05/2022£3,393.86£3,344.40£49.46Not Due