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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

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Company Name: Sabana Limited Company Number: 7417874
Business Type: Import/Export Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: Sittingbourne

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Personal Guarantee - Done (PG from director and majority shareholder)

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Who are we?

Sabana Limited is an importer of fresh fruit and vegetables from various countries around the world, supplying the fresh, convenience (freshly prepared) and juicing markets direct and through trading partners here in the UK. We are in our third year of trading and developing two new product lines (NFC Pomegranate Juice and IQF frozen pomegranate seeds). These integrate brilliantly with our current business to utilise certain grades of the products we already deal with while taking advantage of a very good opportunity in the consumer market. Whilst we deal with many types of fresh produce, our main activities are in pomegranates and citrus products.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The funds will be used to employ an experienced account manager and trader and cover their salaries for approx. 3 months whilst the new accounts are being established (£12K) . Branding the 2 products and funding initial stock purchases as well as the relating introduction and listing fees (£18K) . Obtain and equip office space for additional staff and sales/ordering systems (£5K)

Why consider investing?

We have grown from £120k turnover in year 1 to over £700k in year 2 and we project that this expansion will increase sales to £7m over the next 3 to 4 years across the 3 areas of trading. We are experienced in our field and have working relationships and support from some of the leading producers and service providers within our industry. The founder has been in the fresh produce industry for over 15 years . We have established relationships with some of the best fruit and vegetable growers throughout the globe, enabling us to source and supply certain products that are either, not grown in the UK (such as pomegranates), or out of season (such as strawberries in December). The 2 areas identified for development are both stable in value and growing in sales volume. This diversification will ground the business in 3 different market areas, creating even greater stability.

20/04/2015£905.03£514.01£391.021582 days overdue
20/05/2015£905.03£518.72£386.311552 days overdue
20/06/2015£905.03£523.48£381.551521 days overdue
20/07/2015£905.03£528.28£376.751491 days overdue
20/08/2015£905.03£533.12£371.911460 days overdue
20/09/2015£905.03£538.00£367.031429 days overdue
20/10/2015£905.03£542.94£362.091399 days overdue
20/11/2015£905.03£547.91£357.121368 days overdue
20/12/2015£905.03£552.94£352.091338 days overdue
20/01/2016£905.03£558.00£347.031307 days overdue
20/02/2016£905.03£563.12£341.911276 days overdue
20/03/2016£905.03£568.28£336.751247 days overdue
20/04/2016£905.03£573.49£331.541216 days overdue
20/05/2016£905.03£578.75£326.281186 days overdue
20/06/2016£905.03£584.05£320.981155 days overdue
20/07/2016£905.03£589.41£315.621125 days overdue
20/08/2016£905.03£594.81£310.221094 days overdue
20/09/2016£905.03£600.26£304.771063 days overdue
20/10/2016£905.03£605.76£299.271033 days overdue
20/11/2016£905.03£611.32£293.711002 days overdue
20/12/2016£905.03£616.92£288.11972 days overdue
20/01/2017£905.03£622.58£282.45941 days overdue
20/02/2017£905.03£628.28£276.75910 days overdue
20/03/2017£905.03£634.04£270.99882 days overdue
20/04/2017£905.03£639.85£265.18851 days overdue
20/05/2017£905.03£645.72£259.31821 days overdue
20/06/2017£905.03£651.64£253.39790 days overdue
20/07/2017£905.03£657.61£247.42760 days overdue
20/08/2017£905.03£663.64£241.39729 days overdue
20/09/2017£905.03£669.72£235.31698 days overdue
20/10/2017£905.03£675.86£229.17668 days overdue
20/11/2017£905.03£682.06£222.97637 days overdue
20/12/2017£905.03£688.31£216.72607 days overdue
20/01/2018£905.03£694.62£210.41576 days overdue
20/02/2018£905.03£700.99£204.04545 days overdue
20/03/2018£905.03£707.41£197.62517 days overdue
20/04/2018£905.03£713.90£191.13486 days overdue
20/05/2018£905.03£720.44£184.59456 days overdue
20/06/2018£905.03£727.05£177.98425 days overdue
20/07/2018£905.03£733.71£171.32395 days overdue
20/08/2018£905.03£740.44£164.59364 days overdue
20/09/2018£905.03£747.22£157.81333 days overdue
20/10/2018£905.03£754.07£150.96303 days overdue