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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: AC Climate Control Company Number: 07144999
Business Type: Utilities Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: QUEDGELEY

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Gentle

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Coughlin

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

We are a leading Air Conditioning service provider working across the UK, providing air conditioning installation and maintenance services to commercial clients. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the air conditioning industry and goal is to provide the best and innovative products possible and constantly looking for new technology. We pride ourselves in quality of service and reliability and this has enabled us to provide air conditioning and ventilation services to clients which meets and exceeds industry regulations and hygiene standards. AC Climate Control are Sole UK distributors for SitalKlima & Bioxygen Products. We provide commissioning of all SitalKlima & Bioxygen products.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is for two reasons. Firstly, we have relocated to a new premises with a five year lease and we will be using in part towards the renovation of the premises. Secondly, will be for working capital. As we are a growing company we are expanding our sales team, this funding will be used to assist with the growth of our sales division. Our growth strategy for 2014 would be to employ three more to cover separate areas of the country.

Why consider investing?

AC Climate Control Ltd has been trading successfully since 2010 and has an excellent credit history. We have shown a steady increase in turnover year upon year since our company’s creation. We currently have works invoiced standing at around 25K and we have work in progress in the region of 8K still to be invoiced with a further £200,000 quoted works to be confirmed for order


The loan is supported by 2 Personal Guarantee's ( One Director , one Employee supported primarily by equity in a property with est. value of £122k and £65k equity. The Directors estimate combined net worth of the PG's is £117k.

Notes on Accounts

In YE Feb 14 £21k in dividends were drawn. Therefore retained profit for the YE 2014 will be £1,954

Directors Loan Acc bal 2013 £7,427, reduced to £602 at Feb 2014

05/05/2015£359.24£0.00£359.24Interest only
05/06/2015£359.24£0.00£359.24Interest only
05/07/2015£359.24£0.00£359.24Interest only
05/08/2015£359.24£0.00£359.24Interest only
05/09/2015£649.75£290.51£359.241445 days overdue
05/10/2015£649.75£295.14£354.611415 days overdue
05/11/2015£649.75£299.83£349.921384 days overdue
05/12/2015£649.75£304.60£345.151354 days overdue
05/01/2016£649.75£309.45£340.301323 days overdue
05/02/2016£649.75£314.37£335.381292 days overdue
05/03/2016£649.75£319.37£330.381263 days overdue
05/04/2016£649.75£324.45£325.301232 days overdue
05/05/2016£649.75£329.61£320.141202 days overdue
05/06/2016£649.75£334.86£314.891171 days overdue
05/07/2016£649.75£340.18£309.571141 days overdue
05/08/2016£649.75£345.59£304.161110 days overdue
05/09/2016£649.75£351.09£298.661079 days overdue
05/10/2016£649.75£356.68£293.071049 days overdue
05/11/2016£649.75£362.35£287.401018 days overdue
05/12/2016£649.75£368.12£281.63988 days overdue
05/01/2017£649.75£373.97£275.78957 days overdue
05/02/2017£649.75£379.92£269.83926 days overdue
05/03/2017£649.75£385.97£263.78898 days overdue
05/04/2017£649.75£392.11£257.64867 days overdue
05/05/2017£649.75£398.34£251.41837 days overdue
05/06/2017£649.75£404.68£245.07806 days overdue
05/07/2017£649.75£411.12£238.63776 days overdue
05/08/2017£649.75£417.66£232.09745 days overdue
05/09/2017£649.75£424.30£225.45714 days overdue
05/10/2017£649.75£431.05£218.70684 days overdue
05/11/2017£649.75£437.91£211.84653 days overdue
05/12/2017£649.75£444.88£204.87623 days overdue
05/01/2018£649.75£451.95£197.80592 days overdue
05/02/2018£649.75£459.14£190.61561 days overdue
05/03/2018£649.75£466.45£183.30533 days overdue
05/04/2018£649.75£473.87£175.88502 days overdue
05/05/2018£649.75£481.41£168.34472 days overdue
05/06/2018£649.75£489.06£160.69441 days overdue
05/07/2018£649.75£496.85£152.90411 days overdue
05/08/2018£649.75£504.75£145.00380 days overdue
05/09/2018£649.75£512.78£136.97349 days overdue
05/10/2018£649.75£520.94£128.81319 days overdue
05/11/2018£649.75£529.22£120.53288 days overdue
05/12/2018£649.75£537.64£112.11258 days overdue
05/01/2019£649.75£546.20£103.55227 days overdue
05/02/2019£649.75£554.88£94.87196 days overdue
05/03/2019£649.75£563.71£86.04168 days overdue
05/04/2019£649.75£572.68£77.07137 days overdue
05/05/2019£649.75£581.79£67.96107 days overdue
05/06/2019£649.75£591.05£58.7076 days overdue
05/07/2019£649.75£600.45£49.3046 days overdue
05/08/2019£649.75£610.00£39.7515 days overdue
05/09/2019£649.75£619.70£30.05Not Due
05/10/2019£649.75£629.56£20.19Not Due
05/11/2019£649.75£639.58£10.17Not Due