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Company Name: REA International Trading Ltd Company Number: 07573937
Business Type: Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: LONDON

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Who are we?

This loan was refactored after the borrower could not keep to the original repayment schedule. Lenders are advised to view the original loan profile at here

Operating under the trading name of Aesthetics of London the company currently has four clinics across London providing a range of non-invasive cosmetic and beauty treatments. The business has grown from zero to a turnover of £600k and is now looking to expand and maximise the opportunities for growth in the £3.6billion cosmetic treatment market

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

To secure suitable sites across London to open new clinics to meet the demand for beauty and cosmetic treatments. The plan is to have 15 sites by the end of 2014/early 2015 at which point it would be cost effective to deploy consumer advertising to drive sales and growth.

Why consider investing?

Aesthetics of London is a successful and profitable business that has seen an opportunity to build a brand presence in a market that is currently quite fragmented and populated with small, individual salons and clinics. The business model is to provide high quality treatments, delivered by professional and qualified staff but at highly competitive prices. It is a successful formula and the company wishes to grow and secure a healthy share of a £3.6 billion market. ** The loan is supported by a Director's Guarantee with an estimate net worth of £230k supported primarily by equity in a residential and investment property**

04/09/2019£492.87£298.71£194.16Not Due
04/10/2019£492.87£302.78£190.09Not Due
04/11/2019£492.87£306.90£185.96Not Due
04/12/2019£492.87£311.09£181.78Not Due
04/01/2020£492.87£315.33£177.54Not Due
04/02/2020£492.87£319.62£173.24Not Due
04/03/2020£492.87£323.98£168.89Not Due
04/04/2020£492.87£328.39£164.47Not Due
04/05/2020£492.87£332.87£160.00Not Due
04/06/2020£492.87£337.40£155.46Not Due
04/07/2020£492.87£342.00£150.86Not Due
04/08/2020£492.87£346.66£146.20Not Due
04/09/2020£492.87£351.38£141.48Not Due
04/10/2020£492.87£356.17£136.69Not Due
04/11/2020£492.87£361.03£131.84Not Due
04/12/2020£492.87£365.94£126.92Not Due
04/01/2021£492.87£370.93£121.93Not Due
04/02/2021£492.87£375.99£116.88Not Due
04/03/2021£492.87£381.11£111.76Not Due
04/04/2021£492.87£386.30£106.56Not Due
04/05/2021£492.87£391.57£101.30Not Due
04/06/2021£492.87£396.90£95.96Not Due
04/07/2021£492.87£402.31£90.56Not Due
04/08/2021£492.87£407.79£85.07Not Due
04/09/2021£492.87£413.35£79.52Not Due
04/10/2021£492.87£418.98£73.88Not Due
04/11/2021£492.87£424.69£68.18Not Due
04/12/2021£492.87£430.48£62.39Not Due
04/01/2022£492.87£436.34£56.52Not Due
04/02/2022£492.87£442.29£50.58Not Due
04/03/2022£492.87£448.31£44.55Not Due
04/04/2022£492.87£454.42£38.44Not Due
04/05/2022£492.87£460.62£32.25Not Due
04/06/2022£492.87£466.89£25.97Not Due
04/07/2022£492.87£473.25£19.61Not Due
04/08/2022£492.87£479.70£13.16Not Due
04/09/2022£492.87£486.24£6.63Not Due