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Company Name: HIPPOPRINT LIMITED Company Number: 07083864
Business Type: Business Services Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: 70 GEORGE STREET

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Who are we?


Hippoprint was the first company in the UK to offer a guaranteed next day printing service nationwide. It has been a market leader in terms of product offering, usability and quality of site. Whilst still a relatively small company it manages to offer an unrivalled level of service to its clients, at competitive prices.

Currently Hippoprint guarantees all next day printing orders, placed before 3pm on a working day, will be delivered the next working day (Saturday for a small premium) anywhere in the United Kingdom. In reality 90% of next day print orders, placed between 3pm and 5pm, are still shipped for next day delivery.

Originally formed in November 2009 by the owners of Lindley Print & Design Ltd (Anthony Wood & David Hanson), and a third party web to print specialist (Michal Rajewicz), the company has continued to see rapid but controlled growth across its lifespan. Three years ago an opportunity arose to purchase Starprint, another established print shop in Sheffield, which Anthony & David did forming Starprint (UK) Ltd, though Michal opted not to be a part of this acquisition.

Michal Rajewicz was bought out a year ago in an amicable deal, as a result of his desire to repatriate to Poland, and continues to provide development and support as a part of an ongoing agreement. Anthony and David, have adjusted the strategy for the business to focus more on further growth, adding equipment and hiring additional staff. Growth in the period since the changes have been implemented has improved significantly.

The company is currently adding a further 11 products or variations of existing products to its standard offerings. There is a bespoke online designer currently in the latter stages of development which should come online within the next 6 months and drastically expand the list of opportunities for Hippoprint. Hippoprint.ie is in development and will come live shortly after online designer.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

A PR & Marketing campaign for Hippoprint.co.uk

Hippoprint has thus far relied in the most part on word of mouth and online advertising to generate trade. This summer we will look to begin an intense campaign of PR and marketing that will lead to increased customer awareness and, in the longer term, a larger customer base.

The campaign will include a series of conventional marketing tools such as billboard advertising and vehicle wraps.

Hippoprint will also be utilising a guerilla marketing campaign to significantly increase brand interaction at a minimal cost. This includes ambush marketing at major events throughout the UK where we will place a 12m tall inflatable version of our Hippo mascot near primary transport links and/or overlooking the sites themselves.

The inflatable Hippo will also be used in conjunction with event sponsorship on small local events throughout the UK where we will offer sponsorship in kind for the opportunity to have our branding present on printed material and in the form of the inflatable Hippo at the event.

We are in the process of selecting the best PR firm for our purposes and as such would be open to suggestions from potential lenders with experience in this area. Our budget for this element is £10,000.00.

Why consider investing?

Firstly, both directors are offering full personal guarantees, with assets including 3 profitable businesses (owned 100% between the two of them), £50,000.00 property equity in one directors residential property, £113,000.00 in easily disposable assets or cash.

The company is profitable, with a stable and continuously building customer base. The amount of the loan is relatively small and over a fairly short term. On Amee.com Hippoprint Ltd, Starprint (UK) Ltd and Lindley Print & Design Ltd all have 5/5 financial strength scores.

In a current (7/3/2014) Experian credit rating, Hippoprint scored 91/100.

The company can easily secure a bank loan for the full amount at a rate of approximately 8% but has chosen to use the peer to business platform to allow friends, family, customers and members of the community to profit from them instead. It is the directors belief that only through supporting new and innovative businesses such as Rebuildingsociety.com can we hope to strengthen the contact between lender and lendee and rebuild the trust that has been lost with the introduction of “the computer says no” banking. In the past when Anthony and David were first attempting to get into business they heard this phrase a couple of times too many and now that “the computer says yes” they are saying no.

We are extremely confident that if you have the chance to experience our service you will lend to us and as such we have created a voucher for you to try us out:
£10 off with voucher code -rebuilding10

If you choose to lend to us at or below our target interest rate of 8% we will be offering an ongoing incentive in the form of the following discounts for the life of the loan (not to be used in conjunction with other promotions and only valid on Hippoprint purchases):
£100 - £999.99 = 5% off all online orders for the life of the loan.
£1000 - £4999.99 = 10% off all online orders for the life of the loan.
£5000+ = 15% off all online orders for the life of the loan.

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