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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: Riverhouse Digital Company Number: 06768581
Business Type: Digital Media Years Trading: more than 10 years
Business Location: Newbury

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Personal Guarantee - PG from david-buxton

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

We are a digital production company, that was established in 1983. We have a wide range of skills, our editors and producers have back grounds in the BBC and Science. We are always leading the field, and are no strangers to innovation, and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We are in a strong position in the market place, and have a good name among our peers, and have developed very close links with our numerous clients over the years

About The Team

At Riverhouse, we are quite unique, in as far as our back grounds are concerned. There is an old adage which says "You may be talented in many fields, but you will only be successful in what you ENJOY doing."

All our team have varied backgrounds,

  • Our Founder and M.D., Colin Webb has a degree in Medicine,
  • Our Acting M.D. David Buxton is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association.
  • Our Director of Graphics, Lee Simpson is a lecturer of Graphics and Animation at Kingston University,
  • Our Project Manager, Laura Spink has a degree in Biology,
  • Our Chief Editor, Sam Bullus holds a B.A. in Media Craft,
  • Our Head Creative Charles Denholm has a degree in Spanish and French, also speaks Italian and German.

And not forgetting our Social Media Head, Tom Webb, who has an MA in Politics. With all our backgrounds, and our PASSION, we are able to approach any brief with flair and confidence

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is needed to help us to advance the business, and push us forward. We have identified that we need to purchase machinery, build, train and develop a highly trained work force. We also need to implement plans that make us more proactive across all sectors, and drive our marketing plans. We are also being requested to pitch for contracts and tenders directly with the end client, and we have to ensure we have the systems in place to service them.

Why consider investing?

Now is the right time to make this happen. The shoots of recovery are well and truly showing at last, and we find ourselves at the dawn of a new era in our business history. Our client base is issuing more work than we have seen in a while, and we are a well founded company. We are in a position of strength, with no debts on the business or overdraft at the bank, which demonstrates a level of financial prudence that will serve us well into the future.


This loan is to be secured by two personal guarantees.

The directors have a combined estimate Net Worth of £366k, stemming from 2 properties, one Personal Property £315k value, equity £135k, additional and a second personal property of est. value £95k est. equity £29k

01/08/2014£1,510.62£705.70£804.92 (7 days late)
01/03/2015£1,510.62£790.41£720.21 (22 days late)
01/04/2015£1,510.62£803.31£707.31 (58 days late)
01/05/2015£1,510.62£816.42£694.201543 days overdue
01/06/2015£1,510.62£829.75£680.871512 days overdue
01/07/2015£1,510.62£843.30£667.321482 days overdue
01/08/2015£1,510.62£857.06£653.561451 days overdue
01/09/2015£1,510.62£871.06£639.561420 days overdue
01/10/2015£1,510.62£885.28£625.341390 days overdue
01/11/2015£1,510.62£899.73£610.891359 days overdue
01/12/2015£1,510.62£914.42£596.201329 days overdue
01/01/2016£1,510.62£929.34£581.281298 days overdue
01/02/2016£1,510.62£944.51£566.111267 days overdue
01/03/2016£1,510.62£959.93£550.691238 days overdue
01/04/2016£1,510.62£975.60£535.021207 days overdue
01/05/2016£1,510.62£991.53£519.091177 days overdue
01/06/2016£1,510.62£1,007.72£502.901146 days overdue
01/07/2016£1,510.62£1,024.17£486.451116 days overdue
01/08/2016£1,510.62£1,040.89£469.731085 days overdue
01/09/2016£1,510.62£1,057.88£452.741054 days overdue
01/10/2016£1,510.62£1,075.15£435.471024 days overdue
01/11/2016£1,510.62£1,092.70£417.92993 days overdue
01/12/2016£1,510.62£1,110.54£400.08963 days overdue
01/01/2017£1,510.62£1,128.67£381.95932 days overdue
01/02/2017£1,510.62£1,147.10£363.52901 days overdue
01/03/2017£1,510.62£1,165.82£344.80873 days overdue
01/04/2017£1,510.62£1,184.86£325.76842 days overdue
01/05/2017£1,510.62£1,204.20£306.42812 days overdue
01/06/2017£1,510.62£1,223.86£286.76781 days overdue
01/07/2017£1,510.62£1,243.84£266.78751 days overdue
01/08/2017£1,510.62£1,264.14£246.48720 days overdue
01/09/2017£1,510.62£1,284.78£225.84689 days overdue
01/10/2017£1,510.62£1,305.75£204.87659 days overdue
01/11/2017£1,510.62£1,327.07£183.55628 days overdue
01/12/2017£1,510.62£1,348.73£161.89598 days overdue
01/01/2018£1,510.62£1,370.75£139.87567 days overdue
01/02/2018£1,510.62£1,393.13£117.49536 days overdue
01/03/2018£1,510.62£1,415.87£94.75508 days overdue
01/04/2018£1,510.62£1,438.99£71.63477 days overdue
01/05/2018£1,510.62£1,462.48£48.14447 days overdue
01/06/2018£1,510.62£1,486.35£24.27416 days overdue