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Company Name: J E Wilson & Sons (Kendal) Ltd. Company Number: 504398
Business Type: Manufacturing Years Trading: more than 10 years
Business Location: Holme

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Who are we?

The business creates, innovates and manufactures private label chocolate products for UK high street retailers , including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, BHS, Debenhams and also manufactures for some of the premium chocolate brands in the UK.

We have 6 production lines and have capability to make chocolate bars that are either filled or have inclusions such as fruit and biscuits etc. Also individual chocolates with centres and "top decorated" chocolates such as Florentines.

We work with milk, white and dark chocolate and specialities such as single origin, Fairtrade and customers own recipe chocolate. We can house up to 80 tonnes of liquid chocolate. The business has also made a famous local confectionery product for over 100 years, however this is less than 4% of our sales.

We have an ability to pack finished products in many formats, from traditional advent calendars, automatically filled bags, to hand finished gift boxes. The factory is accredited to BRC A Grade, and approved by many high street retailers and other manufacturers.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

We need the funds for short term working capital as a result of both the increased costs of relocating and refurbishing our new factory which ran over budget and also a significant factory labour overspend due to 6 months of serious problems of getting plant and machinery up and working successfully.

Our bank still remain supportive to a point but are unwilling to extend our facilities any further, previous to 2008 I am sure our needs would have been met by our bank but this is no longer the case in the world we now all find ourselves in.

The money is needed to get us over the next 2 and half months which are historically our quietest period with the lowest cash flow before we start Xmas production of orders that are all already placed, which then give us much improved cash generation with our use of invoice discounting. The significant overspend from 2013 has meant we have seriously had to put pressure on our suppliers and we do need to regain their confidence once again.

Why consider investing?

Some might think that just because we have been established for over 100 years would not be any guarantee and I would have to agree in part, however, it does mean that we have a significant track record of success and are still under the same MD for the past 28 years so there are no big changes at the top and under the same management team that have successfully delivered profits for the vast majority of those years.

Our funding requirement is directly related to our relocation and overspends on both infrastructure and increased one off wage costs in 2013.All our debts over £35,000 are insured and we only work with who we see are blue chip companies, eliminating any risk of bad debt. There are very specific reasons why we need a short term cash injection for working capital to enable the business to maximise the benefits of its relocation from its previous old and unsuitable premises to its new 40,000 sq ft factory.

The vast majority of the increase in sales from £34.6m to over £37.7m are in many ways "secured", reducing any risks by way of a significant short fall in sales and consequential hit to profits. We jointly produce accurate monthly management accounts with our accountants so we are fully aware of our financial position at all times. Within the last 6 months we have taken on a new and extremely experienced operations director to help us improve efficiencies and drive down factory wage costs that hit us hard during our move.

We operate in a niche market that is growing significantly due to larger contract manufactures getting bigger and demanding longer production runs and also becoming less flexible. This is a perfect position for us as we can offer great flexibility and small to medium production runs from 5,000 units to 100,000 units plus where our larger competitors are needing significantly more, we have seen a growing trend that what we offer has become of serious interest to many high street names as we can create and offer them unique products where there will be no like for like competition with another retailer. Our factory has been audited and approved by the vast majority of the UK high street multiples and their buying and creative teams have expressed a real enthusiasm to work with us going forwards after visiting our new factory and team.


We have history, a great, enthusiastic and experienced management team, both established and new customers keen to do business with us, a new state of the art factory poised to become a world class manufacture poised for serious growth, cash generation and profitability.

Notes on Accounts

  • The figures under 'Filed Accounts Dec 13, are DRAFT accounts, the full set are attached to the application above


The loan is to be secured against a director's guarantee . The Director has an est. net worth of £1.1m supported primarily from equity in 2 properties with total est. value of £785k combined equity of £812k.

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