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This loan is behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab.
Recovery News
This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: ALPHABET EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES LIMITED Company Number: 06819043
Business Type: Years Trading:
Business Location: LEEDS

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Grundy

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Alphabet Supplies - Website

Alphabet was established by man & wife team Darren & Louise Grundy in 2009. It operates in educational supplies (including indoor and outdoor play equipment, educational art and craft supplies and classroom equipment).

The directors have extensive experience in the market place. Darren was previously Purchasing Director for 12 years for the largest UK wholesaler in the sector, before establishing a joint-venture in 2004 in educational supplies which attained sales of £4m pa within five years. Darren and Louise sold their shareholding in the business to establish Alphabet.

Year one sales were in excess of £480k and grew to more than £1.15m for the year ending Feb 2014. Sales levels continue to grow in a market that has not seen the adverse affect of the recession as many others.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is to replace previous borrowing, which was withdrawn by the company’s bank in late 2013. At that time, the bank had looked to offer a confidential invoice finance facility alongside an existing import loan facility.

When they decided that they did not wish to proceed with the invoice finance, they also withdrew the loan facility.

The company proceeded with Bibby Financial Services in respect of invoice finance, and then moved to Regency Invoice Finance, which was able to offer more flexibility in the form of stock finance to fund growth.

The company is now seeking a loan of £50k to provide a cash injection to assist further growth.

Why consider investing?

The directors are highly experienced and passionate about the business.

Turnover continues to grow and the market mainly consists of public-sector backed organisations. Historically, the business has not incurred any bad debts and benefits from a credit insurance policy.

Supply chain is well-controlled. Products are manufactured to a high quality standard using both overseas and UK suppliers, ensuring highly competitive pricing is achieved. Products are guaranteed to meet all relevant UK and EU safety standards.

The business feels it has been let down by a high street bank, despite viability and serviceability being proven and is now looking to move forward with alternative investment.

20/04/2015£1,423.94£830.89£593.05 (21 days late)
20/08/2015£1,423.94£876.87£547.07 (15 days late)
20/09/2015£1,423.94£888.76£535.18 (11 days late)
20/10/2015£1,423.94£900.81£523.13 (6 days late)
20/02/2016£1,423.94£950.67£473.27 (30 days late)
20/03/2016£1,423.94£963.56£460.38 (17 days late)
20/05/2016£434.08£0.00£434.08Interest only
20/06/2016£1,423.94£989.86£434.081127 days overdue
20/07/2016£1,423.94£1,003.28£420.661097 days overdue
20/08/2016£1,423.94£1,016.89£407.051066 days overdue
20/09/2016£1,423.94£1,030.67£393.271035 days overdue
20/10/2016£1,423.94£1,044.65£379.291005 days overdue
20/11/2016£1,423.94£1,058.81£365.13974 days overdue
20/12/2016£1,423.94£1,073.17£350.77944 days overdue
20/01/2017£1,423.94£1,087.72£336.22913 days overdue
20/02/2017£1,423.94£1,102.46£321.48882 days overdue
20/03/2017£1,423.94£1,117.41£306.53854 days overdue
20/04/2017£1,423.94£1,132.56£291.38823 days overdue
20/05/2017£1,423.94£1,147.92£276.02793 days overdue
20/06/2017£1,423.94£1,163.48£260.46762 days overdue
20/07/2017£1,423.94£1,179.26£244.68732 days overdue
20/08/2017£1,423.94£1,195.25£228.69701 days overdue
20/09/2017£1,423.94£1,211.45£212.49670 days overdue
20/10/2017£1,423.94£1,227.88£196.06640 days overdue
20/11/2017£1,423.94£1,244.52£179.42609 days overdue
20/12/2017£1,423.94£1,261.40£162.54579 days overdue
20/01/2018£1,423.94£1,278.50£145.44548 days overdue
20/02/2018£1,423.94£1,295.84£128.10517 days overdue
20/03/2018£1,423.94£1,313.40£110.54489 days overdue
20/04/2018£1,423.94£1,331.21£92.73458 days overdue
20/05/2018£1,423.94£1,349.26£74.68428 days overdue
20/06/2018£1,423.94£1,367.55£56.39397 days overdue
20/07/2018£1,423.94£1,386.10£37.84367 days overdue
20/08/2018£1,423.94£1,404.89£19.05336 days overdue