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Company Name: Stamina Handling Ltd Company Number: 05517420
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 6-10 years
Business Location: BRADFORD

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Peter Gobbi

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Who are we?

Stamina Handling supplies new warehouse equipment generally racking and shelving . Clients include many blue chip companies. The company has an excellent reputation as a quality supplier. There is also a fast growing market amongst distributors for a plastic racking protector. This is a product imported from Australia and sales have rocketed since stocks have been increased.

The the combined turn over year on year has increased by 55%. Invoiced sales in Stamina are 27% up year on year. More importantly for the long term is that the combined order intake was up by 108% year on year which when invoiced will continue this growth in turnover.

Since the credit crunch there has been little investment in capital projects by many companies however there is a great deal of pent up demand and this is being seen in increased orders. However as a relatively small quality supplier to blue chip customers buying from larger companies or importing there is a constant squeeze on cash flow.

Disclosure: The dividends taken for the previous 10 month period (1/8/13 - 31/5/14) was £54,072

Disclosure: Since the attached accounts were created further HP agreements were entered into. The agreements were split in the accounts between current liabilities and long term liabilities.

Current agreements are:

1. £621.66 payment per month, repaid March 2015.

2. £376.55 payment per month, repaid March 2019.

3. £644 payment per month, repaid December 2016.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is required to assist in the growth of the company. We are close to getting one order for a 6 figure sum but will need to pay a significant proportion up front to suppliers. Also we have a large order for the imported rack protectors which are imported and must be paid for up front.

Why consider investing?

We have an experienced team with combined over 100 years experience. Furthermore we have proved capable of honouring personal guarantees.

Previous History

We had 3 companies

Eracking previously Complete Logistic Solutions set up in 1996 basically equipped blue chip customers with warehouse racking and shelving

Racking Wizard was set up to develop and market on line software for racking suppliers.

Stamina handling was set up as an ancilliary company supplying materials handling equipment primarily two products initially one a semi automated warehouse shuttle and a hospital bed mover.

The largest company was eracking. In 2008 the market was devastated. There were a number of issues:

  • Customers reduced stock holdings thus needing less racking.
  • They did not move into new warehouses.
  • Major manufacturers of racking were desperate for business to maintain throughput in there factories.
  • Blue chip customers were suddenly interested in buying used equipment.

In a nutshell the market was down by 50% in 2009. There was no government scrapage scheme as there was for the car industry.

Ultimately in February 2010 eracking had to cease trading. The other two companies were ok, however inter company guarantees existed between Racking Wizard and e-racking thus bringing down Racking Wizard as well later that year.

Stamina bought the assets of the two companies and took up much the previous business but now also started to offer used equipment. The positive factor is that we have traded for 18 years and all personal guarantees have been honoured.


The loan is to be secured against a Personal Guarantee's by given by three directors

The Directors have a combined estimated net worth of £180k. Primarily from equity in three properties with a combined estimate value of £715k and a combined estimate equity of £241k