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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: SIMPLY SHOP FITTINGS LIMITED Company Number: 06818822
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: MANCHESTER

About the Risk

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Mohamed-Afzal Alotia

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Established in 2009, we are a 100% B2B online / mail order supplier of shop fittings and display products, which includes garment rails, mannequins, metal and acrylic displays, hangers, sale posters and tickets. We cater for nearly all trades from fashion to sport shops. In December 2011, the business acquired the goodwill, trading style and websites of Shopfittings World and Caranco, which was established in 1946.

It is important to understand the company sells shop fittings, fixtures and display products and does not provide a shop fitting service.

We operate in a very traditional and niche market, with limited players. The industry is mature but unique as it is driven by the constant opening, closures, re-opening and re-fits of small businesses. New drivers are emerging regularly, such as the recent trend of ‘pop up’ and temporary shops, and an increase in self-employment due to redundancies in the current economic climate. The high failure rate of new businesses actually fuels the demand for shop fittings.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

Following a partnership with key overseas suppliers, this loan will allow the business to purchase stock competitively direct from the manufacturers and market it through existing channels. This is a low risk proposition as it is merely expanding what the business has been successfully doing to date but in greater volume and with enhanced margins. The company will distribute both direct to customers and to other ‘re-sellers’.

Why consider investing?

The business has been established for over 5 years, is consistently profitable and has a clean credit record. This loan will enable it to expand its already successful and proven operation to generate more income with enhanced profitability.

The market sector is mature, low-risk and stable – presenting a rare opportunity for investment. The business, as well as the director, have clean credit records. .

Notes on Accounts

The company accepts cash deposits and advance payments for imported goods. At 30 June 2014 such deposits were included in current liabilities with a value of £46 757. At that time the bank account stood at £14647.

Dividends of £22k taken in the year to March 2014

The YE March 2014 Accounts have not yet been filed at Companies House, these will be filed at the end of August or 1st week of September at the latest.


The Loan is to be secured by a Personal Guarantee from the Director

The Director has an estimate net worth of approximately £64k This is based primarily on equity in a property with an estimate value of £300,000 with approx. £98k equity.

The above estimate net worth of the director does not include equity in a property owned abroad, nor assets declared, of which we have not been able to sufficiently verify

18/09/2015£1,020.67£777.56£243.111432 days overdue
18/10/2015£1,020.67£786.43£234.241402 days overdue
18/11/2015£1,020.67£795.39£225.281371 days overdue
18/12/2015£1,020.67£804.46£216.211341 days overdue
18/01/2016£1,020.67£813.63£207.041310 days overdue
18/02/2016£1,020.67£822.91£197.761279 days overdue
18/03/2016£1,020.67£832.29£188.381250 days overdue
18/04/2016£1,020.67£841.78£178.891219 days overdue
18/05/2016£1,020.67£851.37£169.301189 days overdue
18/06/2016£1,020.67£861.08£159.591158 days overdue
18/07/2016£1,020.67£870.89£149.781128 days overdue
18/08/2016£1,020.67£880.82£139.851097 days overdue
18/09/2016£1,020.67£890.86£129.811066 days overdue
18/10/2016£1,020.67£901.02£119.651036 days overdue
18/11/2016£1,020.67£911.29£109.381005 days overdue
18/12/2016£1,020.67£921.68£98.99975 days overdue
18/01/2017£1,020.67£932.19£88.48944 days overdue
18/02/2017£1,020.67£942.81£77.86913 days overdue
18/03/2017£1,020.67£953.56£67.11885 days overdue
18/04/2017£1,020.67£964.43£56.24854 days overdue
18/05/2017£1,020.67£975.43£45.24824 days overdue
18/06/2017£1,020.67£986.55£34.12793 days overdue
18/07/2017£1,020.67£997.79£22.88763 days overdue
18/08/2017£1,020.67£1,009.17£11.50732 days overdue