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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

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Company Name: Chanson Limited Company Number: 07941429
Business Type: Years Trading: 2-3 years

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All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Lennon

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

The Company trades as FocalPoint Media and supplies unique hi-impact advertising units to NHS Hospitals and Surgeries across the UK. The Company currently has 200 installations including the Christie Foundation Trust and there are in excess of 10,000 potential additional venues in the UK alone. Each unit generates between £4,000 and £6,000 per annum in advertising revenue. Costs of the units are low , the gross margin is high and the product is highly saleable , to a wide ranging target market from smaller local businesses and services to National Companies. For more information and to have a look at what we do please visit Visit Our Website

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

£15,000 of the loan will be used to develop an online product marketed through our own media, again to further increase sales but also with a significantly increased gross profit. Additionally, we would like to test the saleability of our product with nationals / brand advertising.

£10,000 will be used to invest in a media developer to secure new sites on a regular basis, this includes brochure printing, mailshots, commission etc and the remaining £25,000 will be used to provide working capital to grow the business.

Why consider investing?

We have continued to increase profits year on year and have numerous opportunities to increase our turnover and profits with over 10,000 potential sites available to us. We succeed due to our traditional and personal service that we provide to each and every outlet supply we which brings fantastic word of mouth recommendations.


The loan is to be secured on an All Assets Debenture and Directors Guarantee.

The Director has an estimate net worth of £114k.

15/05/2015£1,316.92£564.23£752.691558 days overdue
15/06/2015£1,316.92£573.50£743.421527 days overdue
15/07/2015£1,316.92£582.93£733.991497 days overdue
15/08/2015£1,316.92£592.51£724.411466 days overdue
15/09/2015£1,316.92£602.24£714.681435 days overdue
15/10/2015£1,316.92£612.14£704.781405 days overdue
15/11/2015£1,316.92£622.20£694.721374 days overdue
15/12/2015£1,316.92£632.42£684.501344 days overdue
15/01/2016£1,316.92£642.82£674.101313 days overdue
15/02/2016£1,316.92£653.38£663.541282 days overdue
15/03/2016£1,316.92£664.12£652.801253 days overdue
15/04/2016£1,316.92£675.03£641.891222 days overdue
15/05/2016£1,316.92£686.12£630.801192 days overdue
15/06/2016£1,316.92£697.40£619.521161 days overdue
15/07/2016£1,316.92£708.86£608.061131 days overdue
15/08/2016£1,316.92£720.51£596.411100 days overdue
15/09/2016£1,316.92£732.35£584.571069 days overdue
15/10/2016£1,316.92£744.38£572.541039 days overdue
15/11/2016£1,316.92£756.62£560.301008 days overdue
15/12/2016£1,316.92£769.05£547.87978 days overdue
15/01/2017£1,316.92£781.69£535.23947 days overdue
15/02/2017£1,316.92£794.53£522.39916 days overdue
15/03/2017£1,316.92£807.59£509.33888 days overdue
15/04/2017£1,316.92£820.86£496.06857 days overdue
15/05/2017£1,316.92£834.35£482.57827 days overdue
15/06/2017£1,316.92£848.06£468.86796 days overdue
15/07/2017£1,316.92£862.00£454.92766 days overdue
15/08/2017£1,316.92£876.16£440.76735 days overdue
15/09/2017£1,316.92£890.56£426.36704 days overdue
15/10/2017£1,316.92£905.20£411.72674 days overdue
15/11/2017£1,316.92£920.07£396.85643 days overdue
15/12/2017£1,316.92£935.19£381.73613 days overdue
15/01/2018£1,316.92£950.56£366.36582 days overdue
15/02/2018£1,316.92£966.18£350.74551 days overdue
15/03/2018£1,316.92£982.06£334.86523 days overdue
15/04/2018£1,316.92£998.20£318.72492 days overdue
15/05/2018£1,316.92£1,014.60£302.32462 days overdue
15/06/2018£1,316.92£1,031.28£285.64431 days overdue
15/07/2018£1,316.92£1,048.22£268.70401 days overdue
15/08/2018£1,316.92£1,065.45£251.47370 days overdue
15/09/2018£1,316.92£1,082.96£233.96339 days overdue
15/10/2018£1,316.92£1,100.75£216.17309 days overdue
15/11/2018£1,316.92£1,118.84£198.08278 days overdue
15/12/2018£1,316.92£1,137.23£179.69248 days overdue
15/01/2019£1,316.92£1,155.92£161.00217 days overdue
15/02/2019£1,316.92£1,174.91£142.01186 days overdue
15/03/2019£1,316.92£1,194.22£122.70158 days overdue
15/04/2019£1,316.92£1,213.85£103.07127 days overdue
15/05/2019£1,316.92£1,233.79£83.1397 days overdue
15/06/2019£1,316.92£1,254.07£62.8566 days overdue
15/07/2019£1,316.92£1,274.68£42.2436 days overdue
15/08/2019£1,316.92£1,295.63£21.305 days overdue