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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: PFB HIRE LIMITED Company Number: 07310390
Business Type: Automotive Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: ASTON

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Peter Bentley

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

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PFB Hire Limited based in Aston, Birmingham, first established itself as a family run business in 1984 it was incorporated in July 2010 with Peter Bentley holding 100% of shares.

The company operates independently, sourcing its fleet from quality manufacturers and boast the largest fleet in the West Midlands. Employing 8 staff PFB hire has seen growth since April 2013 and acquired 9 additional new council customers and 4 waste management companies (including SITA & DS Smith). The business turned over £2m by July 2014 returning earnings before interest and tax of 270k

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan of £50k is sought to use as a deposit on a fleet of vehicles to be financed on lease. This method of cash flowing assets provides PFB with flexibility. The fleet can be paid for out of profits generated by the Assets on hire to clients. It requires minimum amount of cash to be held in depreciating assets, whilst allowing the business to continue to grow. They currently have a fleet of 143 vehicles – 99 commercial and 44 refuse trucks. Normally hired out a minimum of 40 weeks Over 400 councils in the UK and PFB are dealing with 15 of these. With an increased fleet PFB can increase their market share further.

Why consider investing?

PFB’s business model present low risk based on low cost purchases. The director has built up unrivalled reputation locally.

PFB Hire limited, boast the largest fleet in the region, PFB provide a flexible package and a 24 hour, 7 day week opening which from customer satisfaction surveys proves extremely worthwhile to the firms’ client base.

The Vehicle Hire industry is worth approx 13 billion, with only 3000 businesses operating within it.

With the growth strategy realized the firm forecast turnover to increase to December 2015 by 29% (reaching £2.6m) Expected staff numbers to increase from 8 to 20 by 2016.


The loan is to be secured on a directors guarantee.

The Director has an estimate net worth of £267k, primarily form ownership of a property with an estimate value of £675k and approximately £318k equity

01/03/2016£1,247.47£648.71£598.761267 days overdue
30/03/2016£1,247.47£657.99£589.481238 days overdue
30/04/2016£1,247.47£667.41£580.061207 days overdue
30/05/2016£1,247.47£676.97£570.501177 days overdue
30/06/2016£1,247.47£686.66£560.811146 days overdue
30/07/2016£1,247.47£696.49£550.981116 days overdue
30/08/2016£1,247.47£706.46£541.011085 days overdue
30/09/2016£1,247.47£716.58£530.891054 days overdue
30/10/2016£1,247.47£726.84£520.631024 days overdue
30/11/2016£1,247.47£737.24£510.23993 days overdue
30/12/2016£1,247.47£747.80£499.67963 days overdue
30/01/2017£1,247.47£758.50£488.97932 days overdue
02/03/2017£1,247.47£769.36£478.11901 days overdue
30/03/2017£1,247.47£780.38£467.09873 days overdue
30/04/2017£1,247.47£791.55£455.92842 days overdue
30/05/2017£1,247.47£802.88£444.59812 days overdue
30/06/2017£1,247.47£814.37£433.10781 days overdue
30/07/2017£1,247.47£826.03£421.44751 days overdue
30/08/2017£1,247.47£837.86£409.61720 days overdue
30/09/2017£1,247.47£849.86£397.61689 days overdue
30/10/2017£1,247.47£862.02£385.45659 days overdue
30/11/2017£1,247.47£874.36£373.11628 days overdue
30/12/2017£1,247.47£886.88£360.59598 days overdue
30/01/2018£1,247.47£899.58£347.89567 days overdue
02/03/2018£1,247.47£912.46£335.01536 days overdue
30/03/2018£1,247.47£925.52£321.95508 days overdue
30/04/2018£1,247.47£938.77£308.70477 days overdue
30/05/2018£1,247.47£952.21£295.26447 days overdue
30/06/2018£1,247.47£965.84£281.63416 days overdue
30/07/2018£1,247.47£979.67£267.80386 days overdue
30/08/2018£1,247.47£993.70£253.77355 days overdue
30/09/2018£1,247.47£1,007.92£239.55324 days overdue
30/10/2018£1,247.47£1,022.35£225.12294 days overdue
30/11/2018£1,247.47£1,036.99£210.48263 days overdue
30/12/2018£1,247.47£1,051.84£195.63233 days overdue
30/01/2019£1,247.47£1,066.90£180.57202 days overdue
02/03/2019£1,247.47£1,082.17£165.30171 days overdue
30/03/2019£1,247.47£1,097.66£149.81143 days overdue
30/04/2019£1,247.47£1,113.38£134.09112 days overdue
30/05/2019£1,247.47£1,129.32£118.1582 days overdue
30/06/2019£1,247.47£1,145.49£101.9851 days overdue
30/07/2019£1,247.47£1,161.89£85.5821 days overdue
30/08/2019£1,247.47£1,178.52£68.95Not Due
30/09/2019£1,247.47£1,195.39£52.08Not Due
30/10/2019£1,247.47£1,212.51£34.96Not Due
30/11/2019£1,247.47£1,229.87£17.60Not Due