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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: Chris Barker Livestock Ltd Company Number: 05332468
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 6-10 years
Business Location: Scarborough

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Christopher Barker

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Chris Barker Livestock Ltd is a family run business that buys cattle and sheep and supplies to wholesalers and abattoirs around the UK. It also breeds sheep and cattle to farm independently. The company has been running since 2004 and is now expanding into the import / export market.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

To bring the running cost down on the business’ overdraft as it looks to move into new markets and consolidate its position as a meat supplier of integrity. After the horsemeat scandal, traceability has become one of the most important aspects of the meat trade and high quality British reared meat will become more valuable to the consumer and those in the supply chain.

Why consider investing?

The business sells good quality stock into growing markets, including the Halal meat market. It also plans to begin chicken farming imminently, further increasing revenue and profit opportunities for the business. However, it has been brought to our attention that a number of county court judgements have been issued against this borrower in January 2014.

25/06/2013£1,189.31£514.91£674.40 (31 days late)
25/07/2013£1,189.31£522.15£667.16 (40 days late)
25/08/2013£1,189.31£529.48£659.83 (40 days late)
25/09/2013£1,189.31£536.92£652.39 (30 days late)
25/10/2013£1,189.31£544.47£644.84 (31 days late)
25/11/2013£1,189.31£552.12£637.19 (32 days late)
25/12/2013£1,189.31£559.87£629.44 (33 days late)
25/01/2014£1,189.31£567.74£621.57 (31 days late)
25/02/2014£1,189.31£575.72£613.592029 days overdue
25/03/2014£1,189.31£583.81£605.502001 days overdue
25/04/2014£1,189.31£592.01£597.301970 days overdue
25/05/2014£1,189.31£600.33£588.981940 days overdue
25/06/2014£1,189.31£608.76£580.551909 days overdue
25/07/2014£1,189.31£617.31£572.001879 days overdue
25/08/2014£1,189.31£625.99£563.321848 days overdue
25/09/2014£1,189.31£634.78£554.531817 days overdue
25/10/2014£1,189.31£643.70£545.611787 days overdue
25/11/2014£1,189.31£652.74£536.571756 days overdue
25/12/2014£1,189.31£661.92£527.391726 days overdue
25/01/2015£1,189.31£671.22£518.091695 days overdue
25/02/2015£1,189.31£680.65£508.661664 days overdue
25/03/2015£1,189.31£690.21£499.101636 days overdue
25/04/2015£1,189.31£699.91£489.401605 days overdue
25/05/2015£1,189.31£709.74£479.571575 days overdue
25/06/2015£1,189.31£719.71£469.601544 days overdue
25/07/2015£1,189.31£729.82£459.491514 days overdue
25/08/2015£1,189.31£740.08£449.231483 days overdue
25/09/2015£1,189.31£750.48£438.831452 days overdue
25/10/2015£1,189.31£761.02£428.291422 days overdue
25/11/2015£1,189.31£771.71£417.601391 days overdue
25/12/2015£1,189.31£782.56£406.751361 days overdue
25/01/2016£1,189.31£793.55£395.761330 days overdue
25/02/2016£1,189.31£804.70£384.611299 days overdue
25/03/2016£1,189.31£816.01£373.301270 days overdue
25/04/2016£1,189.31£827.47£361.841239 days overdue
25/05/2016£1,189.31£839.10£350.211209 days overdue
25/06/2016£1,189.31£850.89£338.421178 days overdue
25/07/2016£1,189.31£862.84£326.471148 days overdue
25/08/2016£1,189.31£874.96£314.351117 days overdue
25/09/2016£1,189.31£887.26£302.051086 days overdue
25/10/2016£1,189.31£899.72£289.591056 days overdue
25/11/2016£1,189.31£912.36£276.951025 days overdue
25/12/2016£1,189.31£925.18£264.13995 days overdue
25/01/2017£1,189.31£938.18£251.13964 days overdue
25/02/2017£1,189.31£951.36£237.95933 days overdue
25/03/2017£1,189.31£964.73£224.58905 days overdue
25/04/2017£1,189.31£978.28£211.03874 days overdue
25/05/2017£1,189.31£992.03£197.28844 days overdue
25/06/2017£1,189.31£1,005.97£183.34813 days overdue
25/07/2017£1,189.31£1,020.10£169.21783 days overdue
25/08/2017£1,189.31£1,034.43£154.88752 days overdue
25/09/2017£1,189.31£1,048.97£140.34721 days overdue
25/10/2017£1,189.31£1,063.71£125.60691 days overdue
25/11/2017£1,189.31£1,078.65£110.66660 days overdue
25/12/2017£1,189.31£1,093.81£95.50630 days overdue
25/01/2018£1,189.31£1,109.17£80.14599 days overdue
25/02/2018£1,189.31£1,124.76£64.55568 days overdue
25/03/2018£1,189.31£1,140.56£48.75540 days overdue
25/04/2018£1,189.31£1,156.58£32.73509 days overdue
25/05/2018£1,189.31£1,172.83£16.48479 days overdue