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Company Name: Hall Business Group Ltd Company Number: 7456116
Business Type: Digital Media Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: LUTON

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Julian Hall

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Who are we?

The Hall Business Group is headed by myself Julian Hall. I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech. You can find out all about me here http://www.julianhall.co.uk I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship and as a result have written a book called "Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur - 100 Ways to Up Your Game"

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

To translate my paperback and Kindle book "Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur - 100 Ways to Up Your Game" into Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, German and French The book was published on 26th July 2012 and became a best seller both on Kindle and paperback.

Why consider investing?

We have lots of trade references who are well respected in the market. We take a really ethical approach to business by treating everyone fairly and doing the best work we can. As a result 100% of our work comes from referrals and has done for years.

28/05/2013£875.14£838.97£36.17 (7 days late)
28/06/2013£875.14£850.85£24.29 (11 days late)
28/07/2013£875.14£862.91£12.23 (15 days late)